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West Ham Wayne

Not Sure What To Do

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I have been proper balding 4 or so years now. i came across some nanagen fibres and started using it daily. I cant thank the stuff enough


I knew though that one day that the more bald i become, the more noticible the fibre stuff would become as it would have less and less to attach itself to. Basically that day is now. I cant stand being out on a windy day as the fibres just start to basically fade/blow away (even with hair spray/ fibre spray) and i look terrible. Utterly terrible


i know its a long shot, but has anyone got any ideas about what i can do?


I am now using the fin stuff from Dr Ashcroft but i dont think it will grow any hair. I know it may help me from losing any more but i'll still be basically in the same position as i am now



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