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Stabilise The Situ

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I am not a Doctor and this is not a recommendation to get on med's! This is my opinion, take it or leave it.


Stabilising loss is a very vital part of the overall success of a HT in my opinion - Stabilising loss will only aid the overall end result and in turn mean you require less HT's if this is the route a patient intends to take in order to restore their hair in the long run - If going down the HT route it's a given EVERYONE wants to achieve the best result possible for themselves LONG term. This obviously all depends on how much existing hair the patient has to stabilise or wants to keep.


I will reiterate - This post is not to tell people to get on med's and it all depends on the individuals situ whether or not it warrants taking med's or whether they even want to take meds. Personally without being on proscar for nearly 9 years now i would NOT have the end result I have today - and yes med's may not continue to hold you solid hence why its a very good idea to be on med's for a while prior to a ht to see how you respond but also still plan with your HT Doc for the long term.



I am not telling anyone to get on med's only making an observation and one which was highlighted to me again yesterday that meds can really help when i received an email from a delighted guy I spoke to 11 months ago. He wanted a HT straight away with Dr Feller. Dr Feller informed him to first get on med's to stabilise his loss prior and the doc would consider his case in several months time. - 10 months later the perspective patient has responded remarkably and no longer requires a HT. This is an extreme example of a responder to med's but nevertheless it can show the importance of being very patient prior to jumping in with both feet and getting a HT.


See pic of this example.



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