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Dr Umar

Video: Extreme Repair Case Using 10,000+ Bht -dr Umar

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The video is self explanatory. Click the following link to view it:






For a better quality viewing, click the "watch in high quality " option located to the bottom and left of the video.














The surgery:


He received for his repair ~2000 beard hair and ~8,000 from other parts of the body.








Before the surgery, here is his presenting history:


The patient had a past history of multiple past hair restoration procedures using antiquated methods dating back to over 2 decades ago. Past surgeries included;

Scalp reduction,

F-M Flaps,

Old styled large punch transplants,

Strip surgeries.He began his repair journey with another esteemed hair restoration surgeon and was referred to me for BHT after running out of head donor hair and options. Before the he had a strip excision of his hairline.


The picture before BHT was:

1. An exposed strip scar in front of the hairline that ran from one temporal recess to the other

2. Exposed linear F-M scars that extend from behind the hairline to both sides of the head in the parietal areas.

3. Strip scars in the back of the head.

4. A scalp reduction scar that ran from the crown to the mid scalp

5. Multiple 4mm punch excision scars distributed along the back sides and top of the head

6. Diffused hair loss exposing the aforementioned scars.

7. Unaturally angle hairline and frontal hair courtesy of FM flaps



The following photos illustrate these finding rather well:



IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image










"I am a 54-year old physician who, similar to many young individuals, began to experience crown and frontal hair loss in my 20's (1981). At that time, I underwent the generic 2 scalp reductions and HT to the frontal area from the well-known Los Angeles "mill", without regard to future balding. As with most poorly planned hair transplants, my baldness progressed shortly thereafter and I had frontal grafts that were too "pluggy", an unnatural frontal hairline, hair placed in the wrong direction, scarring in the recipient area, donor scarring, and a depleted donor supply.


Because my hair was long and curly, I was able to somewhat minimize the oddness of these results. However with further balding, things looked weird.


As a result, during some free time, I underwent a flap procedure from a well-established Los Angeles surgeon in 1995. This procedure should never have been done given my low donor hair supply and compromised donor circulation, and I had necrosis (death of the tissue) at the distal ends of both flaps. I did not pursue legal action (which I cold have) but focused my efforts on taking time away from work and undergoing significant repair (scalp expansion) with a highly reputable and kind surgeon in the Bay Area.


Fast forward to this year. Because of free time between career changes and financial security, I was intrigued by the possibility of body hair transplants, although initially a little hesitant and unsure of what the probability of “technical success” would be for me. I spoke with several patients who had successful outcomes with Dr. Umar and decided to “go for it” with the proviso that I was truly seeking improvement and not perfection (and with the view that things could not be made worse).


My results, as you can see, could not have been more spectacular. I had no shedding, almost immediate 100% growth in the frontal and mid-scalp areas, and current growth now occurring in the crown. Although my prior odd appearance was not career-limiting, I feel like a new person. I can not say how this procedure would work on others, as it is in its infancy and data on many individuals have not yet been published. But, as a patient and a physician, I felt like I did my due diligence by approaching a terrific and committed physician (Dr. Umar).


Because of time constraints, I also chose not to undergo a “test area” (which Dr. Umar recommended) but to have it all done at the same time. For people with need of extensive work from bad hair procedures and no scalp donor supply(and the time and financial resources to do so), body hair transplant offers great hope in the hands of skilled, ethical, and committed physicians like Dr. Umar.


I am also hopeful that physicians who have not had success with this procedure (and readily announce their dissatisfaction with BHT on the web) can collaborate to quantify their experiences and better understand why results may vary with different physicians. "









Sanusi Umar, M.D., FAAD


DermHair Clinic


Redondo Beach, California




1-877-DERMHAIR (US residents)




WEBSITE http://www.dermhairclinic.com


Single Follicule Extraction & Transfer (SFET)


Using Head and Body hair

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