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Ht No: 2 - 2557 Grafts Dr Feller 24th March 2008

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2557 into Crown and Back third 24th March 2008 with Dr Feller

Hello all, I previously had 3989 grafts in the front third to a half in March 2006 with the late Dr Seager.

My second procedure was on Bank Holiday Monday (24th March), my original wish was to add more to the front half and visit the crown and go for more than 3000 grafts. Dr Feller advised not to go back into the front half as there's a risk that what I had could regress; I respected his decision and took his view on putting 2500 in the crown which was completely gone bar some Propecia 'fuzz' - I guess I was chasing perfection or beng greedy.

I had my hair buzzed down to grade 4 (12mm) 9 days before the op - the pics are from today 4 days out.

Al the staff including the Dr Feller were absolutely brilliant, a completely different procedure to what I had 2 years ago where Dr Seager literally knocked you out for around 2 hours while he took the strip. This 'approach' made you feel like sh*t for at least two days. Dr Feller was very pleased with the results from the Seager transplant as he too had one many years ago with the same results - but hey times have moved on and I can't compliment Dr Feller and his staff enough in regards to attention to detail, professionalism and certainly being the leader in his field.

Had very little swelling this time as it's concentrated on the back, strange because you dont see it but certainly feel like Friar Tuck at the moment. I have had no pain, other than sleeping on the staples which is only minor. Coming back from New York the next day was a good idea, last time I came back from Canada to days later and had a lot of swelling.

Im looking forward to having the staples out and getting the hair buzzed down again, there's an amount of shock loss and the scar on the right hand side is from the Seager surgey, which Feller felt was quite low.

I'm very lucky with my donor and he say's there still plenty left and could do the same size procedure again in the future

Would welcome peoples views

Many thanks

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QUOTE(hairless @ Mar 28 2008, 03:44 PM) 27540[/snapback]

looks like nice work, any pre op pics

Thanks - these pics (attached) were taken about a month or so ago, hair is mainly wet and was longer, 2 to 3 inches - they're 22 months post Seager HT

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Work looks nice and refined from Dr Feller.


It will finish the nice work off the late Dr Seager done on you.


Be great to see your grown out result.

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