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Avid's Just Taken The Plunge

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Hi guys, just relaxing at Andrews in Great Neck after 2,500 sess with the good doc yesterday (friday). Had few probs logging on, had hoped to be on sooner.


The session went great, doc feller was very impressed with my donor area etc he said it was pretty much textbook. We shaved a bit more of my forehead than I initially wanted, but It was my idea to be honest - small loss for long term gain.


I took the bandage off this morning and my head is mega swollen, but I aint too fussed cos I was told to expect this. Washed my hair as advised this morning, recipient and donor fairly tender and red but, again, all to be expected.


I'm flying back to the Uk late sunday night US time, so not looking forward to eight-hour flight with an oversized cap trying to hide my Elephant man new look. Trying to get through security with cap on will be a challenge, but we'll worry about that when time comes.


I'll post an in-depth write up on my trip within the next few days when i'm back home. just wanted to say quick 'thank u' to all who wished me luck in last few days.


Anyway, I'm off to look at my new hairline in the mirror..and apologies for the typos and poor grammar..I took one of Feller's Vicodin about an hour ago..best part of the trip!!! B)

Cheers guys

















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Good to hear you`ve had a great experience,I`m looking forward to seeing your pictures.

Take it easy now and safe journey home.

Well done mate.

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