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Hi guys,


I'm in desperate need of some advice at the moment and was just wandering if there is anybody out there who has gone through a similar situation.

Basically since 1998 I have been suffering from mpb and been taking propecia since 1999, over the years I have naturally noticed a natural and steady decrease in hair although I have been able to disguise this with the usual array of concealers/cover ups which although disheartening has been managable.

Exactly a year ago I changed from using propecia daily to taking avodart daily. I have been taking avodart ever since. The problem is that I feel that over the last year I have experienced a more dramatic hair loss where even using cover up doesn't seem to be enough now. I am positive that I have lost more within this period of time as looking back over photos shows, my issue is that I'm not sure if this is due to the switch in meds or if this is now 'my time'??

I guess my question really is is there anyone out there who made the switch and more specifically anyone who took finast for the length of time that i did (7 years) then decided to switch?

Also is there anyone who is taking Avodart at the moment and can give any feedback regarding their process, Currently I am experiencing more symptoms of itchy scalp etc and not too sure what to attribute this to more depressingly however I feel that over the last few months i have lost the most amount of hair and reallly unsure of what to do next, i'm unsure if my mental image of this is running overtime or the reality really is this grim.

My annual presicption of avodart runs out next week and I'm unsure of whether to switch back to propecia, stay on with this treatment (i'm hoping that after a year there's a shedding phase then the regrowth starts....) or just give up altogether.......this is it for me, desperate times, please any sound advice would be great.

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Do you have a genuine supply of Avodart, or did you buy it from an internet pharmacy? There's no guarantee that 'grey market' sources are real meds.


There is no long-term data on Avodart's effectiveness as a hair loss treatment - only two studies were completed, the larger one lasting a mere six months. It showed that Avodart was likely to be superior to Propecia over the short term, but there's no objective data on its long-term performance. Some people think that it may max out at the same-ish level as Propecia... but you hear all kinds of anecdotes on the net, and they aren't reliable.


Bear in mind that 35% of men taking Propecia were 'below baseline' after 5 yrs on the drug (although that was still way better than placebo!) It wouldn't be surprising if some men also lost hair after taking Avodart for a long time.


If you want to strengthen your regimen you should probably add Rogaine foam and Nizoral shampoo. Avodart and these two are the strongest proven regimen I can possibly think of. Beyond this, your only option is a hair transplant.

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