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Seaside Matt

Right I'm Off

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Ok, this will be my last post until I return next week from Dr Fellers.


It's been a long road from researching at the beginning. I had a consult with Dr Rogers and was very close to having a HT done there. But after finding this forum amongst others I decided on Dr Feller.


Flying out tomorrow to JFK arriving late night. Got 2 days in Manhattan at the weekend as I will be looking to buy a DS Lite and some clothes :)


Sunday afternoon will be getting Long Island Rail Road over to Great Neck and staying in the Andrew. Monday is D-Day and I fly home late on Tuesday.


I think I'm all set. Hotels booked, blood work done, all paid for, got the button up shirts, cap, travel pillow.

When back I've got the aloe vera gel, emu oil, nanogen (for work) and distilled witch hazel. 20 days booked off work when I return so I'm hoping to get away with it :huh:


Just got to remember my passport now :D


Special thanks to everyone who has answered any query that I have had over the last 18 months. I can't list everyone but s.a.f., MR T, spursman and stevo stand out. Also a special thanks to spex who has answered every question I have had on email really quickly.


I'm planning on taking as many pics as possible especially on the travel side (Manhattan to Great Neck etc), and the walk to Dr Fellers. I'll post them late next week

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