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follicly challenged

This Regime Is Working For Me!

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Hi guys


I'm new to this site (have visited many others) but as all the posts here seem pretty genuine I'll stick with this one.

About 4 months ago I was definitely going to book for a hair transplant but a friend at work talked me out of it. He had had extremely good results sticking to a Regaine, etc, regime. He gave me a list of what he used on his thinning locks so I trawled the internet reading up on various products and adapting the list to suit my own type of hair.

My friend age 28 (I'm 39) had thickish dry hair. I have very fine, greasy hair.

So after a lot of research my daily regime comprised:


Minoxidil 15% (yes 15) solution with 5% Azelaic Acid applied twice a day.

Nizoral 2% shampoo alternating every other day with FAST shampoo.

Collagen tablets.


The 15% Minox solution can be a bit oily so on days when I want to look my best I substitute the morning application for Rogaine 5% foam (which leaves the hair non-greasy). When I go to bed I return to the 15% Minox application.


I have only been on my regime for 2 months but I can already see positive regrowth and my hair condition has far improved. All in all I'm extremely pleased with the results and glad I didn't part with 4 grand for the transplant.


I feel very optimistic that the regrowth will continue and look forward to the results after 6 months.


One extra tip I was given: Always keep your Minoxidil at a temp between 20 - 25 degrees. It does say this in small print on the label but some people overlook this message. During the cold winter weather in the UK I keep mine in the airing cupboard. According to a tricologist friend of my girlfriend Minox works far better at this temperature.


Good luck to all



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