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Royal Inn Review/pics

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Alright guys,


Just thought I'd do a quick review of the Royal Inn as promised, as it's becoming a very popular local destination for Feller patients.




The place is essentially like a motel you see in the movies, a great place to stop off at if you're on the run from gangsters, just robbed a bank, or fancy eloping with a mystery blonde. Or of course, getting a great HT at Fellers :D It's small, cosy, fulfills the basic functions well - has a decent drinks and chocolate machine outside, decent telly and okay shower, that runs a bit cold in the evening. Walls are a bit thin though - I defo heard a couple giving the bedsprings a testing on the first night! It's also set on a large busy main road with little around, so arriving there on my first night, you might feel a small pang of loneliness!




As the motel suggests, you could probably very easily turn up on the day and there'd be tons of vacancies (when I was staying there, lot of the clients seemed to be cab drivers or lorry drivers stopping overnight). However, just to put your mind at rest, I'd advise booking a room by phone before you go. That way you can be assured of the discount and put your mind at rest.


Taxis from the Airport:


Didn't quite get this sussed, and I took a bit of a risk with a cab. They actually have fixed prices - at least the ones I asked did - one quoted me $77, so I told them to 'go do one' in very polite English. I then queued for a yellow cab, but another black cab driver approached me and offered me a ride. His price book said $59, so I went with him and gave him $10 tip - he used sat nav too, which was VERY handy. But defo make sure you have a price agreed beforehand and check their credentials! Worth printing out a map from the Royal Inn airport too.


Taxis to Feller:


Motel has a phone in the foyer that directly links to the local cab firm. Costs a mere $5-6 to Fellers (plus cheeky tip), and they should arrive within 20mins of ordering, so as long as you dial round 7/7:10 you should be more than fine. Journey is no more than 4-5mins.


Local Places to Eat:


Motel is directly next door to a very nice Chinese restaurant. Not really my sort of thing, but place is very reasonable, extremely popular, had an incredibly hot oriental lady working there on my first night (overheard she quit second time I went there 3 days later!), and seems to attract the entire OAP population of the area. Seriously, floods of people in their 70s and 80s queuing outside on a saturday night! There was also an Italian pizza place ahd Greek restaruant 5mins round the corner, Dominos delivery, and apparently, you're not a million miles from great neck village (prolly a v short bus ride). I never went there though. I didnt feel like eating a proper meal night of the op, had the Chinese place one night, and ate in manhattan the rest of the time.


Getting into Manhattan etc:


There's a bus outside (well, 2mins walk up the hill) which will take you to Flushing for $2 (last stop of its route, so no worries about missing your stop going). From there you can get the Metro into the city. Takes 1hr 30mins max I'd say, and is a very pleasant route. Make sure you have coins for the bus.


Alternatively, if you walk up the hill out of the hotel, and turn left at the first lights, you're right near Manhasset station, which will take you to Penn Station, from where you can get the metro. It's quicker but more expensive.


'Cos I had a night return flight on the sunday, I used public transport to get into the city, chilled for a couple of hours, then got the metro to JFK. Don't even think about using public transport to get from JFK to the motel though. Would seriously stress you out and I'd be bowing down and worshipping you if you didn't get lost!


Hope that helps guys!!! :) Oh, btw, with Feller discount, rooms amount to around $140 a night with tax added on and everything


(PS: It's not letting me upload pics - not that they tell you too much. Will email to Spex)



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