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I'm Losing My Hair

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Hi everyone!


I am 21 and I live in England. I have noticed I've been losing my hair for maybe a year now, I'm past the denial stage and past the stage of just worrying and am looking to do something about it.


I have been reading this forum today and am hoping someone can guide me in the right direction on what to do :)


I went to see advanced hair studio a couple days ago, but didn't proceed because of what I'd heard and read. They did show me a picture of my head and it showed DHT. So unless they were completely wrong, I have DHT? I'm not sure, which is hwy I need help :)


I am receding and have a bald spot on the back of my head. I'd ideally like to stop it all, but regrowing any hair would be a bonus too, but I'd be very happy to keep what I have left.


I have read about minoxidil and also another one called Propecia that I read about on this site http://www.rogersclinic.co.uk/Drugs.asp


I am basically lost, all this as I said is new to me the drug names confuse me and what to take and when where to get it from and so on!


I'd be grateful to anyone who can guide me a little!


Thanks a bunch!


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Welcome! Run a search on the "Big 3" - One of the big 3 - Propecia is the main weapon against hairloss but you want to take Proscar (5mg of Propecia) and just break it into 5th's ;) My GP prrescribes 1000's guys in the UK. Have a look on my web site under "Products".(Web site in Signature) Also search through the forum as there are many guys in a similar situ.


Propecia (Proscar) is the best weapon against DHT - Stopping further loss is key :)

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