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Propecia Is Proscar

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Hi guys - i get many emails asking me the difference between Propecia and Proscar.


They are exacly the same drug - Finesteride!


Propecia comes in 1mg form

Proscar comes in 5mg form


All you need to do is break Proscar down into 5ths and you've got exactly the same thing as propecia.


Proscar works out much much cheaper hence why we take it over propecia.


I get many emails re people wanting to start Propecia / Proscar and as i've stated on other posts i can if you would like put you in touch with my GP who perscribes me with it and has done for 6 yrs. a 15 month supply is £120.00


Unlike others GP'S whom seem to know very little about propecia/ proscar my GP has been on Propecia longer than i have and knows a great deal about it and can help you by anwsering any questions you have via a phone consultation.


In the consultation he will inform you about the use of the drug and assess whether or not you are a potential candidate.


Feel free to contact me at specs@fellermedical.com




Dr John Ashcroft



email: jsashcroft@doctors.org.uk


I'm still more than happy to answer question about it via email but just wanted to put you guys directly in touch to save time



Hope this helps guys




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I emailed Dr Ashcroft last week regarding the Proscar, to purchase some

but I havent heard from him.


What is the best way to contact him???????




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hi - he is a very busy guy - best call him on his mobile if you want to get in touch quickly


He will get back to you via email i'm sure but to be on the safe side drop him a lineand leave him a message


Let me know if you still cant make contact

Specs B)

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First try to get proscar from your doctor on an ordinary prescription. This would be cheaper. My doctor prescribed propecia, then proscar instead when I asked her.

It is nice to have such an understanding and sympathetic doctor. Perhaps it is because she is a lady and knows what a difference baldness makes to male attractiveness. Male doctors may not be as interested in treating mpb, I have read about men getting a rude brush off just for asking for finasteride.

Specs, your doctor is providing a valuable service to men who might not be getting any help from their own gps. If he is getting good results himself, this would explain his positive attitude.

However, readers should first try to persuade their doctor. We are allowed to ask our doctors questions these days.

I am lucky, I get my proscar on a free prescription because I have an exemption.

Many others might be unknowingly in the same potential position.


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