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My Personal Experience With Hair-implants - Before And After.

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I suffer from what I call the Samson-Complex. With every hair thats lost from my head, I seem to loose more and more of my power (ie self confidence).

I've had two hair transplants that costs about £3,500. I was happy with the result, but regret now letting the doctor place my hair line at the temples too low. For things to be perfect I'd need at least another one or two transplants. This isn't something the doctor told me at the time, and I would advise anyone having a HT to place the hair line/temple line as far back as possible. You can always bring it lower at a later date.

Having more operations at the moment isn't an option for me. Just too damn expensive. Over the last year I started to get a bit depressed about my hair again. Terrible worry that people could notice my implants - I'm talking really paranoid, the worst feeling I've ever had in my life.

I scanned the internet for weeks looking for solutions and this forum really answered some questions for me. I am very grateful to the others here that have shared their experience & knowledge. It was a great help to me.

So ...... I read about this Nanogen stuff. I couldn't decide if it was as fantastic as some people said or if it was just a big scam like other people said. But because I was desperate I thought I might as well give it a try.

So I bought some Nanogen (med-brown) without the locking mist (seems any hairspray will do) off the internet. The package arrived last night, I was very excited but resisted the temptation to try it straight away because my girlfriend was there. I've been with her five years and she doesn't know I've had a HT (or at least she's never said anything).

This morning I was up early to try it out .... and guess what !! This stuff really, really works !! I couldn't believe my eyes. I sprinkled a bit on the front of my hair, and the scalp just vanished. I sprinkled some more on while looking in the mirror close-up to see how it was working. There were some tiny lumps of powdery fiber in my hair, and when I rubbed it in a little my hair just became thicker looking ..... it was almost like magic. This is NOT a sales pitch. I really wanted to hear about other peoples experince to help me make my mind up. So now I have some experience of my own I want to share it.

The colour I choose maybe slightly too dark. The colour charts on the websites didn't help me much. After much research, there seems to be a really cheap 'clone' version of Nanogen for sale on e-bay. After all Nanogen/Toppik etc probably costs next to nothing to make. I don't regret the price for my Nanogen though - I would have payed more just to try it, but the next time I'll give the cheaper 'clone' version a try (£4 per bottle instead of £30). If I get the same sort of results I'll be more than happy.

So my advice to anyone thinking of having a HT is :

YES - Do it, but make sure the doctor is good and the hair lines not too low. It will take about a year before things are normal, and about two years before you get the full result.

Advice for anyone thinking of trying Nanogen :

YES - Do it. Don't bother with the fixing-mist hairspray. Be careful about the colour, and maybe go for the generic 'clone' version because £30 every 4/6 weeks will work out very expensive after a while.

I hope this has been of some help. I can upload some before & after photos if anyone doubts my word !.

Good luck.



Hi - Just to up-date. I'm still using 'micro-fiber' products on my hair. I've tried just about everyone there is I think, all with more or less the same results. I've even used the spray version, and found that surprisingly good ! I'm currently buying from a French web-site that I found while surfing the net : - chutedecheveux,info - The people there are very helpful ..... they even answer in English ! Well worth a look if your in the market for these products.

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Is'nt this in the wrong section? Who did your HT's and how many grafts did you have?

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