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Bam 5 Months

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Hi all, hope everyone is well!


I've just gone past 5 months post-op, so i was due a thorough picture taking session (see below). Things are starting to take proper shape now which is encouraging.


Its ridiculous, because you read it all the time, but it really is virtually impossible to stop yourself wondering if this is the lot... Human mind is a very interesting thing. In the close-ups i can see i have alot of maturing to go since i lot of the new grafts are still very curly. I can't see any new sprouters though, which is probably why the mind tricks are going on.. I think i had some decent early growth, and now that those hairs have grown relatively long, the rest might look a bit see-through because they have been left behind. Anyone else keen on over-analysis? :P


Nevertheless, i remain very optimistic. Would be keen to get people's feedback, and how 5 months looked for them..


Pre and post-op can be seen here: http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...wtopic=1761&hl=


And now the pics: wet, dry, daylight, flash and close up!













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Anyone else keen on over-analysis?


Oh yes, I had a magnifying mirror and checked for growth every 5 minutes during the early sprouting days :D


Your growth looks very similar to mine at 5 months. By 6½ months the growth had really kicked in and there was a massive difference in just 6 weeks. It's looking great :D

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Hi Bam, You are looking right on schedule mate - The next few months will be fun now B)

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