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Im Gonna Try Propecia / Proscar, Advice Welcome.

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Hello all,


Ive been read ing this thread and looking around this place in general for the last few months or so.

Try out on the Fin over the next 12 months. Ive anxiously noticed some thinning at my temples and crown over the last 18 months, eek. Its not really noticeable to others just yet so im hope i can halt the old MPB. My old mans lost most of his hair on top and his father was the same, i figure i may as well give the meds a shot before my hair ends up on my pillow!!


To be honest, im a bit querky when it comes to presentation and fashion, and i wouldnt mind a shaved head, only thing is Im in the entertainment biz and a full head of hair is very usefull to me in my job!! So Im hopeing i can find a solouion.


During my research around this site ive come to the conclusion that fin ( Propecia / Proscar) is probably my best option to "maintain" so i think i'll give doctor Ash a call this week


By the way Spex and Pondle thanks for your contributions here, could anybody advise me though, is it okay just to call Dr Ashcroft and introduce myself and ask him for info on Propecia / Proscar?? Is that the way its done or what??


Anyone who can offer me any advise about 'keeping my hair on' is extremly aprieciated, Im still learning you see so please point me in the right direction.


Vitimins, Meds, Diet, magik potions, praying to the stars, etc etc

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