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Dermatologist - Artificial Hair Triggers Baldness

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Dermatologist says artificial hair triggers baldness


Kinshasa, DR Congo, 05/22 -


A Congolese dermatologist at the Kinshasa University Clinic (UNIKIN), Dr. Silu Lutatumu has warned that frequent use of artificial hair (meshes, implants, hairpieces) prompts hair loss and consequently triggers baldness.


In a study published in the "Muana Mboka" review entitled "Synthetic fibres: a health-damaging finery", the dermatologist indicates that "when you undo your hair, you can easily notice the presence of hair attached to the fibres".



Full Story - http://www.stophairlossnow.co.uk/News/News301.htm

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Artificial hair is completely different.


Here is an explanation.


Artificial Hair Implants


Supposedly this treatment is one of the latest state of the art hair replacement method.


When treatment is first carried out the result can look extremely good and quite presentable, unfortunately this does not usually last.


Hair implants are synthetic strands of filament (usually made from acrylic) with a barb at the end, similar to a fishing hook.


The strands are inserted into the living tissue of the scalp with the barb hooked into ones head.


The scalp is anaesthetised and the fibres are implanted one by one with a needle, which can be done at the rate of 500 implants an hour.


This procedure repeated for every strand, can not only be extremely painful, it has been shown to cause serious infections and can cause permanent scarring to the scalp.


The rejection rate with fibre implants is usually quite high, around 25 %, so that they have to be replaced.


This often leaves thinning patches on the scalp. After about nine months the implants have a tendency to snap near the base thus leaving tuft of strands on the scalp which look terrible.


These broken strands can only be removed surgically and thus leave the scalp scarred for life. This is not a pretty sight and very seldom can anything be done to disguise it.


The cost of such treatment can range from £1000 up to £5000 depending on how much treatment you are having done and what the consultant thinks he can charge.


Artificial hair implants have been banned in America where surgeons can no longer offer this type of treatment.


In this country it is still carried out and the initial appearance can look stunning. Beware this does not normally last !




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