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Electric Head Shocker

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Jeez I wouldnt want to wear thing riding a motorbike let alone trying to grow your hairback....


£750 for a plastic helmet that has two AA batteries attached - no thanks!!!! :blink:


If this sort of treatment did work we could all strap those slendertone belts around our head and really blitz it!!!! <_<


Also notice the 'essential oils' last 6 months and then you can order 'exclusively' with them - but no price is given!!


Common AHS type tactic - get you hooked on a product and then keep the income stream flooding in by charging expensive rates for a very cheap product by labelling it 'essential' :ph34r: :ph34r:



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i once posted years ago the same link...


but i didnt admit that i have one...ya i do.


after seeing an article in a newspaper and frank skinner wearing one on gmt tv !!!


my prother was of to paris and i gave him the info and he picked one up for...at first i believed in it an have to say i did see some progress but it was part of a raigeme of minox, proscar vits etc.


have to say i dont use it anymore and would consider a part exchange


any takers

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A definite scam <_< .. Shocking your head with electrical impulses will just give you a headache.. not hair!

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