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22 Yr. Old Seeking Advice For Temple Baldness

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Hello, first I'd like to say I'm grateful a site such as this exists, for when I began losing my hair about a year ago, I had a mental image of myself visiting a site much like this one and ordering some kind of stuff to clear it up. Kudos to the moderators and all you other guys in on the site's development/maintenance.


My hair loss story is a unique one, and I haven't gone to a doctor yet. A little over a year ago I put on a friend's hat. This friend was balding in the exact same place I am now, I put it on and he told me he had lice when he used to wear the hat. I thought he was BS'ing, and just laughed about it. I wasn't going bald at this time..


about 2-3-4 months later, I noticed my hair coming out very easily when I shampood it in the shower..(but only coming out easily from my left temple/hairline, rest of my scalp had stronger hair) and looking at it closely in the mirror, I could see two little red bumps. note that these are impossible to see regularly, and i have to not only pull my hair back but basically kiss the mirror to see them. still have no idea what they are, I haven't went to a doctor about this. the two little dots are right where the only balding area is, and it isn't like completely bald or anything. right on the right-side hairline, it looks like a very thin spot with a bunch of little baby hairs trying to grow but those fall out when I shampoo ..and if you look close you can see the little two dots.


I figured somebody here would know something about what the dots could possibly be.


about 2-3 hours ago I placed an order for a 1month supply of the 'Big 3' and got the N stuff in shampoo form. hopefully this will do something. shampoo was like 55, other stuff was about 90-100.00..so about 150-165 bucks for the first month is pretty costly.



if this gets much worse, and i have to walk around with one temple balding and the other normal, im just going to shave my head, lol. Mills Lane pulled it off so I can too, B)



worried but confident in New Orleans,



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hi there - in all honesty the big 3 is your best bet!


Big 3



specs B)

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