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I have been using Minoxidil since it was launched back in the 80's, it worked great when I was in my 20's, however, I am not sure of it's effectiveness now. I am now 38, my receding hair line is still receding at the temples, although at a fairly slow rate. I started to use Propecia 10 months ago, this appears to be helping a bit. I also use Nism shampoo and Tricomin therapy spray. I've read on the internet about a topical called OSH101 which went into clinical trials end of 2003 I think. Anybody heard any news on this? also wondering on the effectiveness of xandrox15 (15% minoxidil)?



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Hi and Welcome Phil


The only thing I can find out about OSH101 is here.




OsteoScreen is developing its lead compound OSH101, a topical drug for the treatment of alopecia. OsteoScreen has initiated Phase I clinical trials (human toxicology studies with an endpoint in Q3-2003). OsteoScreen plans to take OSH101 into Phase II trials (dose ranging) later in 2003.



1. OSH101 significantly enhanced hair growth in laboratory models by stimulating dormant hair follicles.

2. OSH101 produced superior results to Rogaine® in the same models.

3. OSH101 enhanced hair re-growth in a chemotherapy-induced alopecia model.

4. Non-GLP pre-clinical toxicity studies showed OSH101 is safe.

5. Phase I clinical trials are underway.


Appears to be still in phase 1 trials.


Cannot find anything more upto date.




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