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Toppik - User Review

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I have thinning hair which shows up quite obviously under direct bright light and I have noticed that my crown is starting to thin a bit as well. I am thinking about taking finasteride (probably via Dr Ashcroft) but am worried about shedding etc so in the meantime I decided to try a concealer.


I bought a supply of toppik from hair123.co.uk after seeing ads on this site. I figured if it was rubbish, I wasn't spending a fortune and it might be OK.


First of all, the service - I ordered a delivery by first class post. I didn't see anything for a few days so I contacted the vendor who answered promptly and a replacement supply was with me within a couple of days.


The product comes in a jar that looks like a salt shaker. I was a little skeptical but tried some on one morning and was surprised at how well it worked. It didn't miraculously make me look as if I had a full head of great hair but it certainly made it look thicker and I felt a lot better about it. It is very hard to spot too. Admittedly some of the effect is because the microfibres trickle down and stick to your scalp.


I have had Toppik in my hair whilst dancing for hours at a wedding and when I have gone running. Although I have been sweating the Toppik seems to have held on with no embarrassing trickles down my forehead etc. I haven't been caught out in the rain with it though so I am not sure how it holds up under these conditions.


The best way to apply it seems to be to dry hair/scalp. Sprinkle on (6-8 shakes of the jar does it for me., pat your hair down, style as normal (with mousse or gel if that's your thing) and then use the fixative spray to stop the Toppik rubbing off on your hands.


This is best for people with thinning hair as opposed to those with big bald spots. It needs to have some hair to cling to in the first place.


Hope that helps anyone who is thinking about using it. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any and I will try to answer.

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