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Uk Hair Loss Supplier

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Hi and Welcome Joe90


As Crazydiamond says, you can buy so easily on the net today that you should have no worries about being cheated.


For Propecia and Avodart on the site I use a company in Jersey who are safe, reliable and discrete.


You can buy very very cheap Propecia from places like India etc but can never be sure what you are paying for.


Most of the other products on the site are from Folica where you can buy almost everything.


I find it is normally cheaper, especially with the Dollar being so weak, and often faster to buy from the USA for delivery to the UK.


Personally I have never had any problems with customs or had to pay VAT on anything I have bought from the USA, even with DVD’s and Video’s.


A new site in the UK http://www.healthy-hair.co.uk/catalog.


Owned by Karl Hutchinson it has some of the more popular products for sale. Although it is a relatively new site, Karl states that he is expanding and adding new products.


Regaine is available over the counter at most Boots stores.


Nizoral is also available from Boots.


If you are after any specific product let me know.



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e bay always good for minox - you can get a 4 month supply for about £20


all the best

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