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Found 24 results

  1. More people are benefiting from hair restoration with a new procedure that combines a hair replacement system with hair transplant. Doctor Parsa Mohebi, medical director of US Hair Restoration, is teaming up with the experts of HRC, a prominent name in the hair replacement industry, to present a combination of a hair transplant procedure and hair system. This procedure will allow people with advanced stages of baldness to achieve a full head of hair. Doctor Mohebi talked about why he introduced this innovative approach to U.S. Hair Restoration, “We have been offering hair restoration to our patients in our Southern California centers for several years. Although we offer life transforming procedures to our patients, we occasionally have patients that don’t have enough donor hair to get a full head of hair through a hair transplant. We recommend these patients get a hair system.” In most cases, patients who have never had a hair transplant before have enough donor hair available to cover their entire head, but certain patients with higher stages of hair loss, classes VI and VII, according to the Norwood Scale, may not have adequate donor hair. Full article
  2. The Institute for Hair Restoration is proud to be one of the FIRST in the U.S. to specialize in the NeoGraft No Scar Hair Transplant procedure. This procedure is truly the breakthrough hair loss patients have been awaiting. NO SCAR, NO SUTURES, and NO SCALPEL. Additionally, there is little down time, and patients can often return to work the next day! NeoGraft is the latest advancement in hair restoration and offers several clear advantages over the traditional hair transplant method. The procedure is significantly less-invasive, requires significantly less downtime, and eliminates the linear scar created by current methods. For years, a technique called the "STRIP" method, or follicular unit transection (FUT) has been employed in hair transplantation. This method removes part of one's scalp, requiring sutures or staples to close the wound. Patients required considerable downtime & limited activity, and ultimately were left with an unsightly linear scar. Short hair is not an option for patients undergoing this procedure. Unfortunately, this procedure has been down by most hair restoration specialists, and CONTINUES to be done. Now, with the NeoGraft procedure, patients can resume normal activities quickly and often return to work the very next day! As it is minimally-invasing, healing time is greatly reduced, there is no need for painful stitches and there is no long linear scar. Residual hair donor area numbness and tightness often caused by an incision are eliminated. Best of all, results are much more natural due to the precision of the harvesting and implantation process. The NeoGraft procedure, also known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), is performed by removing one hair (follicular unit or graft) at time and placing it in another are one at a time. This is a very tedious and time-consuming process, and as a result was rarely used by hair restoration specialists. Full hair transplant article
  3. Tens of thousands of people from across the globe tuned in to watch ex-England footballer Michael Gray take part in the UK's first live broadcast of a hair transplant. Some 22,000 people watched the seven-hour operation, thought to be the first of its kind to be streamed live in the UK. Gray, 37, who played for premiership teams including Sunderland, Blackburn Rovers and Sheffield Wednesday during his career, took part in a real-time question and answer session as well as tweeting through his surgery. Hair loss and hair transplant expert Dr Bessam Farjo, who performed the operation, also answered questions as he carried out the lengthy procedure. It started at 10am and was hosted by Herald and Times journalist Brian Beacom - author of Diary of a Hair Transplant: A Journalist's Search for David Cassidy Hair. Viewers watched as Dr Farjo took hairs from the back of Gray's head, re-implanting around 5,000 hairs at the front where his hairline had been receding. Both surgeon and patient fielded hundreds of questions from men considering the procedure, with topics ranging from its cost to the sensation of having the hairs implanted. "I'm really happy with the way things have gone today and to have been part of this landmark project," Gray said. "I never expected 22,000 would be watching me have a hair transplant, but hopefully it's given anyone else who is considering the surgery some insight into how it all works." The Talksport pundit previously said he hoped the operation would give him more confidence. He can expect new hairs to start growing in around three months, with the full extent of new growth showing between eight and 14 months. Dr Farjo, who is medical director of the Institute of Trichologists, added: "Michael was a fantastic patient and coped extremely well in what was certainly a very unusual day for him, and us." Full hair transplant article
  4. Spex who has been a stalwart of this forum reveals his atler ego !! The hairline hero: Spencer Stevenson endured FIVE hair transplants and spent £33,000 to beat baldness. Now he is a world-renowned expert respected by thousands of fellow sufferers, including A-list celebrities An A-list actor is bending his head to show me his balding pate. I now have a vantage point on something he, his agent and the makers of the Hollywood films he stars in want no one to see. I know this because he has flown me to the US, put me up in a hotel and made me sign a confidentiality agreement. His hair loss is not too bad: a spot in the crown, coupled with thinning at the temples – a scenario familiar to millions of men the world over. But I’m here to give him advice, on the quiet, about hair transplants. Most of my friends and colleagues know only that I’m 37, I live in Nottinghamshire with my wife and four-year- old twins and I run my own property business. But today, I want to reveal my other life: I am a hair-transplant guru. I meet men all over Britain, Europe and America to advise them on this operation. Some are famous names in showbusiness, terrified that their hair loss will spell the end of their career. Recently, I visited a soap star who had already had one hair transplant, with bad results. His major concern was that the head usually has to be shaved before a transplant and he didn’t want to get ‘papped’ in this state. He decided to go to America for his surgery, which has gone undetected. Then there was the American actor, well known for a hit US series, who wanted to know (true to his on-screen persona) how soon after the operation he would be able to have sex. The answer, of course, is straight away if you’re careful. But the majority of my work is with ordinary men like me. Most recently, I helped Morgan Spurlock – of Super Size Me fame – with his latest documentary, Mansome, an exploration of the booming male-grooming phenomenon. Between 2002 and 2006, the market in Britain alone tripled to an estimated value of £781 million. Sales of body lotions, body-toning gels, depilatories and sun-care products among men increased by 77 per cent in this period. Complete hair loss article
  5. UK patient 2000 grafts Montage Presentation This patients results have been seen previously however recently made them into a montage for easier viewing :cool: 2000 grafts vai strip pre op and 12 months post op Best SPEX
  6. People will have the chance to see a live hair transplant take place tomorrow. Barber Andrew Icke, 38, will undergo the procedure at the Mapperley Park Clinic, in Mansfield Road, Carrington. A strip of his scalp will be removed and cut into 2,500 pieces, which will then be transplanted back into the area of his head where the hair has thinned. This is known as a strip-harvest procedure. Mr Icke, who owns Blend Barbers, in Derby Road, Stapleford, suffered thinning and hair loss at an early age. He said: "Losing my hair has always bothered me and wasn't something I was willing to just accept. "I have been determined to find a solution and a way of restoring my hair and my confidence in my looks so I like what I see in the mirror – which, being a barber, I stand in front of all day. "I decided on a hair transplant a couple of years ago and have been researching it ever since. He added: "Baldness is still a bit of a taboo with men and treated as a joke, but it does affect us and my hope is that, through having the live transplant, people will learn about the procedure and consider it as an option for them." The live hair transplant will take place as part of an open day at Mapperley Park Clinic, a private clinic which offers a range of treatments and procedures. There will also be the chance to look around the clinic's laser suite and minor operations suite, where patients can have procedures including eye bag removal and other surgical procedures. Complete hair loss article
  7. This patient first noticed thinning hair in his twenties. In order to avoid his hair loss becoming too visible he dediced to shave it all. After many years he decided to have a hair transplantation procedure at Prohairclinic Belgium in order to restore his hair loss. The plan called for 2 seperate FUE hair transplantation sessions. The first one was carried out in 2010 and 2800 grafts were placed in zones 1-2. A year later he came back for a second round and another 1500 where placed, this time in zone 3. As you can tell from looking at the donor area at the end of the hair tranplantation video he still has plenty of reserves left. In fact his donor area looks untouched eventhoug almost 9000 hairs have been removed from the back and side of his scalp.
  8. I know Spex has posted this but I though it should also be included in the news section. Guys, An interesting chain of events has lead me to announce here about an upcoming movie about male grooming called " Mansome " directed and produced by Morgan Spurlock ( Supersize me Movie ) I met with Morgan Spurlock one night in London several months ago for a few beers and we hit it off famously. We met through a mutual friend who had informed Morgan about my involvement with the hair loss and HT community along with my own journey and my role and double life in the industry as " Spex". Morgan was keen to meet up a couple of times and find out more about this hidden epidemic of hair loss and the industry generally for his upcoming movie, Mansome. The movie is a documentary and involves several A list celebrities and their grooming habits along with a bunch of everyday guys and their own plights. Names involved that i know of and also had pleasure of meeting one of them are, Zach Galifianakis, Will Arnett, Paul Rudd, Jason Bateman, Morgan etc Morgan was truly fascinated by HT's and mine in particular along with the lengths we hair loss suffers go to to stop, conceal and regrow our hair in order to regain our confidence, identity and self esteem and he found it pretty awesome that HT's could in fact look so natural after rummaging through mine on more than one occasion. I also hooked him up with a couple of other patients in London. He is known to the world as a harsh critic, yet he was genuinely blown away by the hair transplants disclosed to him. Well only a few weeks ago Morgan called me up to discuss ' The Mansome Movie ' further as he wanted to try feature Hair transplants within it as he and his production team felt it appropriate for the movie alongside other relevant segments and suggested an entire piece could well be dedicated to HT's potentially if we were willing to help him. Cut to now... I just returned back from a whistle stop mission to NYC - (i will not bore you with those details) where we filmed an entire day with his team up at Feller Medical and both Dr Feller and I were interviewed at great length for the segment.The day was great and a very long one in order to include everything. Along with interviews with us and with patients, Dr Feller was filmed at work performing surgery too on a UK patient. We very much hope that some of the footage gets used in the movie as it would be awesome and will undoubtedly help educate and inform the masses via the silver screen regarding HT's accurately, once and for all. Morgan and Spex after a few too many beers last month The Mansome movie premiers at The Tribeca Film Festival mid April and Morgan has mentioned if we make the final cut we will get to meet all the stars involved which is really exiting! Keep you all informed. Best SPEX
  9. Celebrities such as Louis Walsh, James Nesbitt and Wayne Rooney have all gone public about their hair transplants, but the truth is that thousands of ordinary men receive hair transplant surgery every year, usually without anyone ever knowing. Hair Restoration Blackrock (HRBR), the hair transplant clinic which treated Louis Walsh and James Nesbitt, has just completed some interesting analysis of their 2011 patients. Last year HRBR saw in excess of 2000 regular men, as well as a few well known faces. “Hair loss is a great leveller. While it may be celebrities who make the headlines, our average patients are men of all ages and from all walks of life. There is no doubt that when celebrities like Wayne Rooney and Louis Walsh go public, it helps de-stigmatise hair restoration surgery, which is something we greatly welcome. As well as people from the entertainment industry and professionals, here at HRBR in both our London and Dublin clinics, we see a wide variety of men, which includes everyone from politicians and plumbers to postmen”. Hair loss can greatly affect a man’s self esteem and self image, be he in front of the camera or in front of a client, colleague, or partner.” said Dr. Maurice Collins, Medical Director and Founder of HRBR. Commenting further Dr Collins said “It doesn’t surprise me at all to see business people ahead of actors and musicians from our 2011 patient list. Nor I am surprised to see students in the list. Students are the young professionals of tomorrow, this generation is more conscious than ever of the need to look one’s best and to look young”. Full hair transplant article
  10. The Manchester United striker was mocked when he first revealed he'd got some surgical help for his faltering hairline in June. But now it seems men around the UK are no longer embarrassed at the prospect of having a transplant, which is said to be a direct result of celebrities like Rooney getting it done. This year alone enquiries have grown by 65 per cent and the operation is now the second most popular cosmetic procedure for men in the country. Dr Raghu Reddy, of London's Private Clinic of Harley Street, said: 'The fact that high profile individuals such as Wayne Rooney have been open about having treatment, and that people can see the natural looking results for themselves has undoubtedly contributed to the increased interest in the treatment. 'There are no signs of demand for the treatment slowing either.' According to the Harley Street clinic, five times as many men in Yorkshire booked the procedure in 2011 compared to the previous year and there was also an increase in Manchester, with six times as many hair transplants carried out compared to 2010. Celebrities such as Louis Walsh and Gordon Ramsay have also had the operation Complete hair transplant article.
  11. X Factor judge Louis Walsh has admitted having a hair transplant, it has emerged. According to the Mirror, the Irish music manager opted for the operation - which costs a reported £30,000 - after show boss Simon Cowell taunted him over his hair loss. The procedure is said to have involved taking hair from the back of his head and implanting it in places where it was thinning. Walsh, 59, described it as "maintenance". He is quoted by the newspaper as saying: "It's not a wig or a syrup of figs or an Irish jig. "It's just me with my own hair, feeling better. "It's like going to the doctor and getting something done to your heart before it goes." Millions are expected to tune into the X Factor final this weekend, but fans may not notice the results of the transplant immediately. Full article
  12. Wayne Rooney's hair appeared to be thinning slightly on top as he recently flew out to Basel in Switzerland, merely months after his 30,000-pound transplant. The 26-year-old footballer spent the staggering amount earlier this year in his quest to get the perfect head of hair. With his head bowed, Rooney's hair looked significantly thinner both on the top and at the front of the hairline, with the effects of the transplant seemingly wearing off. Earlier this month, the striker had sparked concern that the transplant may not have fully worked when he was seen sporting greying locks. However, the director of the clinic then came forward to insist the "discolouration" was normal, and may last months. "It isn't possible to judge the full effect of a transplant for at least 6-12 months. The whole process is similar to transplanting a favourite plant or shrub," the Daily Mail quoted Nadeem Uddin Khan, director of the Harley Street Hair Clinic as saying. "While the roots re-establish themselves, the growth on top can be patchy and this can involve some initial loss or discolouration. "This is entirely normal and does not affect the ultimate outcome of a fully restored hairline featuring strong and healthy growth," he added. Full article
  13. Over 70,000 consumers tuned in to the first ever YouTube Live hair transplant on November 18, as renowned hair restoration physician Alan J. Bauman, M.D. performed a second NeoGraft Follicular-Unit Extraction (FUE) on weblebrity Kevin “Nalts” Nalty. The live hair transplant surgery was broadcasted live on YouTube’s new, interactive webcast platform, YouTube Live, and simulcasted on Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth radio show, Andrew Zarian’s GFQ web radio network, Ustream, JustinTV, Switcher radio, iTunes radio and other outlets. “This first live hair transplant on YouTube was a remarkable success in terms of total viewership and audience engagement,” said Dr. Bauman. “Broadcasting this procedure proved to be an incredibly effective way to reach and educate the public, and we were amazed by the sheer number of viewer comments and questions about hair transplants, the NeoGraft FUE procedure and other hair loss treatments. This event proved there is a considerable demand out there for patient education and this kind of interactive format.” Best-selling author and prominent hair loss patient advocate Spencer Kobren, who hosted the live call-in segment, noted, "As a prominent IAHRS-accepted member and a surgeon well-known for cutting-edge technology and exceptional results, it was no surprise that Dr. Bauman's recent YouTube live hair transplant surgery webcast was our most-watched, most-interactive and most-responded to event ever.” Mr. Kobren went on to say, ”In a field where so many myths and misconceptions abound and surgeons' abilities and results vary greatly, Dr. Bauman helps us educate hair loss patients that top-tier hair transplant surgeons can reliably provide comfortable, effective, minimally-invasive procedures that yield consistently natural results." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qlj9MEJamjU Complete article
  14. Cee Lo Green thinks he should get a hair transplant The American singer is famed for his smooth head. He has no problems with being bald but sometimes wonders if people would treat him differently if he boasted flowing locks. The 'Forget You' hitmaker is "comfortable" being bald but believes he would be able to be more outrageous if he had flowing locks. "I should get a hair transplant. I love hair. That's where my whole wig thing comes from - vicariously wanting to have hair," he admitted in the January edition of Q magazine. The 37-year-old eventually admitted he is pretty happy being bald. He's known for his flamboyant outfits - he dressed in a bird costume resplendent with sequins at the Grammy Awards earlier this year - and love of body art. If he had hair, Cee Loo thinks people would struggle to comprehend the way he styled it. Full hair transplant article
  15. A local hair transplant doctor is starting a novel research study to bring to the field of hair transplantation a method of addressing surgical scars that is already used in other reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries. Dr. Marco Barusco, a hair transplant surgeon with over 12 years of experience, wants to determine if BellaDerm® - a natural dermal graft - will improve the appearance of the scalp of hair transplant patients. BellaDerm® is donated human skin that is processed to remove both epidermal and dermal cells. What remains is a tissue matrix capable of natural and full regeneration of cells and blood vessels after it is implanted. This research is being supported by the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) (www.mtf.org), the largest not-for-profit tissue bank in the U.S. and manufacturer of BellaDerm. The project was reviewed and approved by an independent Institutional Review Board (IRB) that is not associated with Tempus Hair Restoration or MTF. At this time, Dr. Barusco is the only doctor conducting this type of research. BellaDerm will be used to fill in and possibly reduce scarring that may occur in the area from where the hair is removed for the transplant. Dr. Barusco is currently looking for 30 patients to participate in this study; fifteen patients who have already had one or more hair transplants and 15 patients who have never had a hair transplant procedure. . Full article
  16. Dr. Scott Boden of the Hair Restoration and Aesthetic Medicine Center has announced that he will be offering an opportunity for free hair transplantation through Operation Restore. Operation Restore helps those who have suffered hair loss due to disease or trauma, and lack the financial resources to have hair restoration surgeries. The foundation matches a potential patient with their physician, and will provide financial, travel, and lodging assistance when eligible. Dr. Boden is accepting applications for Operation Restore until November 30th for patients who have had significant hair loss due to chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments. Those interested can apply by visiting Dr. Boden's website, http://www.hairtransplantct.com "Operation Restore is a great program that allows individuals facing hair loss after cancer treatment or injury to connect with a qualified hair transplantation doctor. It's very gratifying to be able to provide patients with a feeling of renewal and confidence,"- Scott Boden, Hair Transplantation Surgeon/Cosmetic Surgeon, Hair Restoration and Aesthetic Medicine Center Dr. Scott Boden is the only Fellowship-trained Board Certified hair transplant surgeon in the state of Connecticut. Aside from his work at the Hair Restoration and Aesthetic Medicine Center, his focus is on working with patients to meet their individual needs in attaining a more youthful appearance. For more information on Dr. Boden, the Hair Restoration and Aesthetic Medicine Center, or Operation Restore, visit http://www.hairtransplantct.com. Complete hair loss article
  17. Dr. Alan Bauman, a leading hair transplant surgeon and founder of Bauman Medical Group, will perform the first-ever hair transplant broadcast live on YouTube on Friday, November 18. YouTube “Weblebrity” Kevin “Nalts” Nalty, whose videos have been viewed more than 240 million times, will be documented as he receives his second hair transplant with Dr. Bauman on YouTube’s new, highly-anticipated interactive live webcast platform. The surgery makes for compelling yet unlikely entertainment for the online video giant that is also debuting new live channels from celebrities like Tony Hawk, Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Shaq and Rainn Wilson. The event kicks off at approximately 10:00am EST when Dr. Bauman will harvest individual hair follicles from the back of Nalty’s scalp using the Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, method. A second broadcast will take place at approximately 1:00pm EST, where he will show how those follicles are carefully implanted into Nalty’s scalp to produce a permanent, natural hairline. The 1:00pm webcast will also include a live ‘call-in’ Q&A segment hosted by best-selling author and The Bald Truth’s radio talk show host, Spencer Kobren. Bauman and Nalty already proved the appeal of “behind the scenes” video of a transplant procedure, Dr. Bauman transplanted 1,958 follicular units totaling nearly 5,000 hair follicles on Nalty in 2009, and their videos documenting the event have been viewed more than 250,000 times. The same year, Dr. Bauman also participated in a live broadcast with Greg Benson, actor and director with MediocreFilms, which became the most-watched live hair transplant procedure in history, amid a flurry of emails, blog-posts and ‘tweets.’ Bauman and Nalty are anticipating even more response to Friday’s event as consumer interest in hair restoration is higher than ever, and new techniques like NeoGraft FUE, which will be used again for Nalty’s procedure, have made hair transplantation a less invasive and less detectable option for the estimated 100 million American men and women with thinning hair. What is NeoGraft/FUE? FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is an advanced minimally-invasive hair transplant technique which, according to ISHRS statistics, has experienced an exponential increase in volume worldwide over the past several years. FUE eliminates the need for doctors to remove a large strip of skin from the back of the scalp—a procedure known as a linear or strip-harvest—and therefore leaves no linear scar. The FDA-cleared NeoGraft is a dramatic advancement over previous manual FUE methods which were more time consuming and less accurate. Years ago, Dr. Bauman became the first Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery to routinely use NeoGraft device for mechanical FUE which comprises 90 percent of all transplants he performs today. "FUE is an extremely effective surgical option for patients that allows for a quicker, more comfortable recovery, less post-op activity restrictions, as well as avoiding the tell-tale linear scar associated with traditional hair transplants," says Dr. Bauman. However, patients should keep in mind that a natural FUE hair transplant still requires keen artistry and precision and should be performed by a surgeon with extensive specialized hair transplant training, certifications and experience. Key Benefits of NeoGraft FUE: Least invasive hair transplant available No 'tell-tale' linear scar where the donor hair is harvested Shorter, more comfortable recovery No stitches or staples to be removed Less activity restrictions after surgery Very short haircuts are possible after surgery Transplants more than twice as many hair grafts in a single surgery as the previous manually-performed FUE surgery in the same amount of time While the benefits of FUE hair transplantation are undeniable, celebrity endorsements help build consumer confidence and awareness. “My celebrity patients are usually reluctant to reveal their hair restoration work,” says Bauman. “However Nalty and Benson are part of a more open generation of celebrities…or weblebrities. Like ABC ‘Anchorman’ Jim Abath and NBC Dateline’s ‘Follicle Five,’ they’re helping de-stigmatize hair transplants as a viable hair loss treatment, and help people understand that so much has changed with hair transplantation since the days of old ‘hair plugs’ or ‘strip’ scars.” To see the historic YouTube LIVE broadcast, please visit http://www.youtube.com/nalts at 10am EST and 1pm EST Read full hair transplant article
  18. Bay Area hair restoration surgeon, Sara Wasserbauer, M.D. was so inspired by the response from her hair transplant giveaway last year that she has decided to do it again. This 2nd hair transplant giveaway will offer a person affected by hair loss the chance to begin the New Year on the road to a fuller head of hair. From now until December 16th, entrants are invited to share a post on the Sara Wasserbauer, M.D. Facebook Wall – www.facebook.com/wasserbauer - stating how a hair transplant would impact their life. On December 19th, three finalists will be selected and the finalists’ stories will be posted to the Facebook page for two weeks for the public to vote on who should receive the free hair transplant (a $12,500 value). The winner will be announced following the voting period on January 2, 2012. The winner must be able to come to Dr. Wasserbauer’s office in Walnut Creek, California for a complimentary hair loss consultation to determine that he or she is medically suitable for hair restoration surgery. The winner must also agree to post their progress on Dr. Wasserbauer's website and Facebook page so others can follow their progress. Last year’s hair transplant winner, Matthew Barrazza, underwent a successful transplant last December and has been sharing his experience and hair growth results through an online blog (http://californiahairsurgeon.com/category/raw-matt/). Barrazza, a wellness promoter, speaker and professional fighter athlete, experienced significant hair loss due to his own genetic disposition also known as androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. His own hair loss was also accelerated due to overtraining and stress. Hair loss is quite common and can affect men and women at any age. While genetics is the most common cause of hair loss, other medical conditions can cause hair loss, as well. Any type of hair loss can negatively affect self-esteem, but unfortunately, cost can be the factor that prevents a person from being able to do something to permanently resolve their hair loss. Complete hair transplant article
  19. For anyone in the entire world who is suffering from hair loss and considering a surgical hair restoration procedure, now is the time to do it! Dr. Bolton, a pioneer in the industry, and his staff with more than 50 years of combined hair transplant experience will be performing all 10 MAXHARVEST TM procedures. The cost of a MAXHARVEST hair transplant procedure is $12,000. And in this case, it becomes tax deductible. The starting bid for each procedure is $6,000. Spinal Muscular Atrophy occurs in 1 out of every 6,000 children, there are currently no treatments or a cure. Aldo and his wife Fiorenna refuse to give up or lose hope. Mia is their little girl and they are going to do everything in their power to protect and take care of her. The Israel family is trying to raise as much awareness to this disease as possible. Awareness helps to raise more donations to help find new treatments or a cure. The Israel family is hosting "The Gala of Hope” for Mia on November 17, 2011 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood Florida. “The Gala of Hope” is your chance to help Mia and children just like her. No child should have to endure this. The Israel family has teamed up with the local community and several local doctors. There are numerous people and merchants donating to the cause to help raise the funds necessary to find new medical treatments or a cure. Among the merchants donating to the raffle are JR Dunn Jewelers, The Improv, and Ferrari – Maserati of Fort Lauderdale. One of the doctors who is donating to help support the Israel's is Dr. Brett Bolton of GreatHairTransplants.com.
  20. A hair expert says more people than ever are having transplants after Wayne Rooney went public with his surgery. Dr Bessam Farjo, who runs a private practice in the city centre, said he is having hundreds of extra inquiries for the procedure which costs an average of £8,000. He said his clinic has had a surge in calls after the United star revealed he’d paid for hair transplant surgery last summer. Rooney wrote on his Twitter site: “I was going bald, so why not?” He later updated his followers with a picture after the procedure. He wrote: “Hi all there’s my head. “It will take a few months to grow. Still a bit bloody too. But that’s all normal.” Dr Farjo, 50, from Cheadle, Stockport, runs the Farjo Medical Centre, with his wife Dr Nilofer Farjo, 47. He said they are have experienced a threefold surge in inquiries since Rooney revealed all. “When we first started out in 1992 it was very secretive,” he said. “Husbands wouldn’t tell their wives – they’d just say they were going on a business trip. “Without a doubt attitudes have changed. It was starting to happen before Wayne Rooney – that just caused an explosion in interest. The way he has gone about it with his openness has been very comforting. “We are getting an increasing number of calls from women too, probably due to more information being available.” With a waiting list of between four and five months, patients travel from across Britain, Europe, and as far afield as the Middle East, Australia and the US to receive treatment. Full hair transplant article
  21. Robert M. Bernstein, M.D., F.A.A.D., world-renowned pioneer of the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant techniques and founder of Bernstein Medical - Center for Hair Restoration, will become the first hair transplant surgeon on the East Coast to use the robotic ARTAS System for Hair Restoration. Dr. Bernstein, a Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Columbia University in New York, said that he is excited to incorporate the image-guided robotic system into his FUE procedures. "The ARTAS System is a ground-breaking technology for hair transplantation that will provide significant benefits to our patients," said Dr. Bernstein. "From the accuracy of follicular unit graft extraction to the automation of what is normally a labor and skill intensive procedure, the outcome is better hair restoration results and faster, more comfortable procedures." The ARTAS System for Hair Restoration, developed by Restoration Robotics, Inc., overcomes some of the human limitations in performing FUE hair transplant procedures. Greater accuracy in extracting follicular unit grafts, combined with the sharp/blunt extraction technique, allows for graft removal with less damage to the graft and greater preservation of its protective tissues. A lower rate of damage increases the probability that the grafts will survive the transplant process, leading to better results. The automation of what is a technically challenging and physically demanding process for the physician when performed manually, contributes to a shorter procedure and a decreased need for local anesthetic. Full hair transplant article
  22. Hair-transplant surgery could become cheaper and more accessible with a new robot that plucks hair follicles from the back and sides of the head so they can be moved to the top and front of a balding pate. It normally takes eight to nine hours to individually harvest, by hand, the 1,000 follicle clusters needed to build a full mane of hair, according to Dr. James Harris, director of the Hair Sciences Center of Colorado in Denver. Since the surgery is tricky and time-consuming, fewer than 10% of hair-restoration surgeons do it. Most simply remove a whole strip of scalp and separate out the follicles under a microscope. Strip surgery is painful and takes weeks or months to heal versus just a couple of days' healing time and less scarring with individual follicular-unit extraction, Harris says. The new ARTAS robot decides which follicles to collect and plucks them out as the doctor stands by to check its work. The surgeon can watch from the same room or via a remote monitor. Harris says the time passes quickly as he watches the robot do its thing: "It's certainly less tedious than doing it by hand. It allows me to think more about the other things I'm going to do with the patient." The robot halves the surgery time, Harris says, and surgeons can be trained in its use in a couple of days, rather than the two to three years it took him to perfect the by-hand operation. Harris developed a blade for the drill tip that the machine uses to punch out follicles without damaging them and licensed it to Restoration Robotics Inc. of Mountain View, Calif., the company that makes ARTAS. His office is one of two that tested a prototype of the machine. Full hair transplant article
  23. Florida Physician Dr. Marco Barusco has launched a pro-bono hair restoration program. His program is designed to help the victims of traumatic injury, radiotherapy, or skin diseases who have suffered patches of hair loss or experienced scarring that can be hidden by hair but who are unable to afford the cost of hair transplantation surgery. Board-certified hair restoration surgeon Dr. Marco Barusco, founder of Tempus Hair Restoration, P.A, was recently featured on the segment “Making a Difference” in Orlando, Florida TV station WKMG Local 6. The segment revealed that Dr. Barusco does more than solve genetic hair loss: He aims to help patients whose lives would be most dramatically changed by the hair transplantation procedure they can’t afford. According to Dr. Barusco, some car accident victims, cancer patients, and burn victims can benefit from surgical hair transplantation, either to fill in patches of baldness or cover unsigthly scars on their scalp or face. In the WKMG “Making a Difference” segment, Dr. Barusco briefly summarizes the hair transplantation process: Hairs removed from the back of the head – an area in which hair is not genetically programmed to fall out – are surgically implanted in the area where they are needed and continue growing there “forever” – a process that radically transforms people’s lives. The WKMG segment informs viewers that “Dr. Barusco’s surgery typically takes a full day and 6-9 months to see final results.” The length of the intricate surgery the doctor has performed for thousands of patients at no charge (or at reduced cost) is a testament to his dedication to giving his patients a “better lifestyle” – one that comes from “having hair where they (didn’t) before.” “For him,” the WKMG reporter tells viewers, “helping a trauma patient who can’t afford the procedure is priceless.” Dr. Barusco’s interview reveals the doctor's human side, demonstrating that he never fails to be personally moved by the reactions of his patients, who often return to express their joy at what he’s done for them – meetings which, he admits, often end with both of them in tears. Simply recalling these meetings during the interview, in fact, visibly moves him. Full hair loss article
  24. Ziering Medical Worldwide, a private practice dedicated exclusively to the specialty of hair restoration, today announced that they will be the first to bring the ground-breaking ARTAS™ System to Los Angeles. The ARTAS System is the first and only FDA cleared, physician controlled, interactive, computer assisted technology that allows safe and effective follicular unit extraction (FUE). The ARTAS System was developed in close collaboration with several leading hair restoration physicians to enable minimally invasive harvesting of hair follicles. “My entire practice is committed to helping patients with various degrees of hair loss and providing them with state-of-the-art options that are very safe and effective,” commented Craig L. Ziering, D.O., FAOCD, Founder and Medical Director for Ziering Medical Worldwide. “The ARTAS System is an excellent solution to hair loss that is less invasive, offers a quicker recovery time and natural permanent results.” Complete hair loss article
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