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Found 1 result

  1. so I was going to reorder another batch of Finasteride from my usual internet place - although it's relatively cheap and legitimate, I'm strapped for cash right now so it's still pretty expensive for me, but I'm resigned to the fact that Fin is worth it. before that I decided to see my GP, on the offchance that he could prescribe me Finasteride for MPB on the NHS, although I wasn't very hopeful. The bad news is he could only write a private prescription which I'd have to pay for myself. The good news is he prescribed generic Fin 5mg which is cheaper than Propecia. He prescribed 2 boxes of 28 tablets. I took the prescrip to my local pharmacy to check how much it would cost, - how would it compare to ordering online - then I could go for the cheapest option. When the pharmacist told me the price I almost fainted. It was cheap. As in very cheap. As in INSANELY cheap. Cheaper than a standard NHS prescription charge in fact. I couldn't believe my ears. I wish I had done this years ago because it would have saved me hundreds of pounds. So ask your doc next time you want more Fin.
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