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  1. Afternoon, First of all, it is working splendidly (the topical water like solution). However, I am getting a lot of dandruff. Is this normal? I am considering switching to the foam to reduce dandruff but was wondering if this is going to have a negative effect (i.e. less growth) Answers on a postcard please Thanks
  2. Evening guys, Have to say the big '3' are performing wonders! The hairdresser says "Every time you come in your hair gets thicker and thicker. Maybe it is just the hair cycle" ha-ha Anyway, everybody notices the difference and my mum said to me: "What are the long term effects of taking those tablets (i.e. Finastride)? Can you have kids still?" I didn't know what to answer to be honest............Pondle? You're the fountain of knowledge on this forum. Can you provide me and the old girl answer...... Thanks
  3. Afternoon, I am probably being mega thick here so bare with me. ha-ha I use this stuff which I have noticed some great results in two months in addition to Proscar. Kirkland Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment 5% Kirkland Minoxidil topical solution http://www.minoxidil-direct.co.uk/Kirkland_Minoxidil.htm However there is this foam but it states that it should NOT BE USED FOR THINNING AT THE FRONT which I have but I have seen pictures on here of people using this for frontal baldness and have excellent results. Verus. Men's Rogaine Foam NEW! by Pfizer http://www.minoxidil-direct.co.uk/Rogaine_Foam.htm On their webpage it states Do not use if your amount of hair loss is different than that shown on the inside of this label or your hair loss is on the front of the scalp. 5% minoxidil topical foam is not intended for frontal baldness or receding hairline. Men's Rogaine Foam NEW! "Our users are reporting a complete lack of irritation with the foam, after years of irritation with the Liquid form. They are also reporting faster drying times, and easier application. The ramifications of this are huge. More importantly, is the study data. The foam showed an 85% effectiveness rate as compared to 55% in the liquid. A jump this huge is literally unheard of"
  4. Evening, Just bought Minoxidil 5% Topical Solution online and it said to be used on top of the head (vertex part of the head only). The foam is used for the back of the head. However on their website it said it you're looking at Minoxidil for the top of the head area then buy the topical solution because it treats the temple area. Confused! Any ideas?
  5. Bonsoir, I understand there is a Minox Foam for cropped hair but does anyone have a link for Minox gel as I understand this is better suited to longer hair?! Thanks
  6. Hi Tim, Do you have a link for the Minox foam? Apparently the gel is good - does anybody have a link for this on the net? Ta
  7. Smyth - Hi mate, great results. You mentioned you were looking to buy the liquid instead of the foam as your hair is getting longer. Any joy with this? If so, can you post a link. Thanks
  8. Hello, Would anyone happen to know if Finastride makes you infertile? I have looked on the Propecia website and this is not a side effect but I may possible want a family in the future and I would like know if this has any effect on reproduction? I.e. Could it cause any defects / deformaties with unborn babies? Thanks
  9. I cannot send private messages - would it be possible to look into this problem for me please? Thank you
  10. I see both of these are for dandruff - if you use them and you don't have dandruff does it do anything to your scalp / hair? Why are they so good for MPB? Thanks
  11. What is MSM when it is at home? Thanks
  12. Hi, Just received my batch through the post. Is there a set time when everyone takes this? Meal times? Morning? Also - Does everyone shampoo and conditioner? What do you find is the best? One that doesn't leave your hair mega greasy or mega dry! Ta muchly
  13. Great stuff - did you notice any shedding when you first starting taking Proscar?
  14. Perfect - Thanks a lot. Is it easy to get hold of Proscar? One last Q - Do you use both shampoo's or just one? Thanks mate
  15. Evening, I am 27 and am going a bit thin at the temples. I am on Provillus at the moment (some herbal tablet) but this doesn't appear to be working. I have been reading the forum which is great and offers some excellent advice but I am massively confused. Decent Shampoo - Number 1 Shampoo - What one do people recommend and actually shows some results? I have some Chinese herbal stuff and is absolutely rubbish. Proscar Vs Propecia Number 2 Proscar - I know this has to prescribed and I need to speak to Dr. Ashcroft. What is the difference between Proscar and Propecia? Regaine & Proscar Number 3 Can I use a Regaine because it contains Mono(?Xii) AND Proscar and a decent shampoo? If someone can explain in laymans terms then that would be most appreciated. Please correct me if I have said any information incorrect. Thanks
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