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  1. plus he says he bought his online....could have been a dodgey batch?
  2. Thanks a million, i shall give him a call tomorrow
  3. Just back from my doctors to ask him if i could start taking propecia. I sat down and asked him about it and he just laughed at me saying " there is no treatment out there for this". So i did feel a bit stupid So, specs, can you hook me up with your doctor?
  4. Jeomer

    Is It 100%

    Thanks alot for your help. I will no doubt arranging a meeting with you closer to the time im thinking of getting it done, if my money holds out that long!
  5. Hello everyone. Im just wondering if a hair transplant works 100%? I know most of these thing have odds that it might not work for certain people, but is this just like plain surgery? Im sorry for being such a noob, its just that im considering getting one at the end of the year ( if propecia maintains what is there) Thanks. Jeomer
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