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  1. In my instance, i've got a pretty good amount of hair but because i'm growing my hair long, you can tell they are not as thick. So i'm thinking of experimenting with hair fibres. Also, can i apply gel to my hair? i.e. Shape my hair with gel, once dry, then apply hair fibres and then apply the hair spray
  2. I've read peoples opinions on then, and vast majority seem to be positive. But how good are they? My biggest fear is that when i'm at uni and it starts to rain, that they start coming off and start catching on my forehead. Are they completely safe to use in all weather?...anybody had any experience in this? Thanks!!!
  3. here's a link: http://www.combat-hair-loss.co.uk/hairmax/index.php
  4. Anyone heard of this?..or tried it out? I heard some good stuff about this. I don't plan on buying it, firstly i don't really ned it and second it's like £300. Just wanted to know what peoples opinions were on this. Thanks
  5. no opinions?..ok, i'm going to give it a try and get back to you
  6. HEHE!!! No. when i do have hair, i will shampoo.
  7. a waste of money?...I've been using mine for a year but i question whether they do anything. It's more a psychological reason why i continue to use them. I'm scared that if i go off it, that my hair will become weaker. what are your perceptions of hair vitamins.
  8. Nanoguard: is it afctually effective?...has anyone used it before?...I've been using Nizoral for quite a while now, i was impressed with it until lately when i noticed quite alot of shedding. I'm shaving my hair off tomorrow, and decided to try out nanoguard, plus nanothik. I'm actually shaving my hair off for the reason that, with really short hair, the shampoo and conditioner will show better results in the long term. what do you think? Most importantly, what are your opinions on nanoguard?
  9. 100 hairs? wow...in that case, i ain't got nothig to worry about. i was freaking myself out lately...i resorted to counting the hairs on my hand after washing my hair, which was about 17 (when i used the conditioner - nanothick). i also counted the hair on my pillow after i woke up. Lately i just couldn't help it. won't be worrying about it from now. Thanks!!!
  10. 1) How many hairs on average can an average male lose in a day without fearing he's losing hair? 2) How many hairs on average can an average male lose when washing his hair without fearing he's losing his hair? Can somebody clear this up for, please. I heard once that the average male loses 80 hairs a day, but that sounds excessive. I'sd appreciate it if someone could answer these two questions. Thanks!!!
  11. i was going through the forums today, and i noticed all this stuff about how shedding was actually showing that it was working. Got to admit, i never knew that was the case. Does anyone know anything about laser therapy, i was just reading something about Shane Warne (the austrailian cricketer), and he mentioned that he had laser therapy and that his hair was growing back. he was also taking saw palmetto extract in capsule and topical form. anyone about this? also...anyone heard of or used nanogaine?
  12. CHINO: I did lose hair due to Minocycline, quite alot actually. My question was purely hypothetical, i do not intend to use any topical or oral medication in hope of regaining hair. My efforts are purely directed at thickening the appearance of my existing hair, which i'm doing with nanothik - that PB_ recommended. I only received it this week and have used it twice. so far so good. With regards with medication for regrowing hair, i constantly hear about initial shedding - that alone is enough to put me off. If i lose anymore i really will have a PROBLEM. I'm planning to just let nature take its course. All i'm doing with regards to my hair is the following: 1) Nizoral - 2 x a week 2) Nanothik - 3 x a week 3) Hair Vitamin - I don't know whether this does any good, it's more a psychological thing nowadays (i'm scared to go off it) 4) Iron supplement
  13. What really is best at regaining the hair that you have lost? Propecia?...Monoxil?...Proscar?...etc...
  14. totally, i get that. all i'm really look for is a thicker head of hair. i'm not looking for anything miraculous, just something that is atleast noticeable to me.
  15. Excellent!!! well like i mentioned, I'll get back to you with my results. I'd like to thank everybody who helped me with this, especially BP_, i hold hope that this will work.
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