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  1. I do actually have bit thinning on the horseshoe area too just not as much as crown. I will go get a check up now though if I could find a tricologist. It sounds all scary and stuff
  2. The thing that confuses me so much is that I never actually followed the MPB pattern (losing hair on crown, receding hairline etc). My hair just started thinning together, very very slowly
  3. Thank you so much for your help s.a.f. I took 2 photos just after I got up, so excuse my bit shaky hand. I do have to wash my hair twice a day, since I've got pretty greasy hair. I reckon the photo made my hair look worse, as the lighting was really strong but hey I cant really convince myself that isn't my head. Have to admit it was bit embrassing to post photos of myself (Both photos are working, no idea why 1 tend to not show as thumbnail image) As for my great grandad, it got to do with some political crap which made him lose his land or something and he went completely bald (full head). Apart from him, I really cant find anyone that lost hair in my family
  4. Hello folks, I'm seeking your help on this stress related hairloss. I have started thinning since I was something like 16. Looking back at my family history, all my parents, grandparents had really good hair (except my great grandfather, who lost all his hair and teeth as well at the age of 70, due to excessive stress) so was my dad, who had pretty thin hair when he was around 20ish and was also caused by stress. I had my hair this way for 9 years now I'm 23 now. (it started around when I was 14 that's 2 years after my family moved over to UK), it never really improved nor got any worse, so I think the condition is rather stable. I never really noticed a sudden, large amount shredding though, like the common hairloss caused by stress. I always assumed the cause for my hair thinning was due to MPB, after reading various hairloss forums. I guess I was misled by some of forum reading, which majorty of the members on various hairloss site are caused by MPB, until yesterday I read a post entry by s.a.f (thanks) suggested that it could be caused by stress, since my entire head are thinning, instead of receding hair line and thining crown. I've tried rogain for about 3 months, no effect were shown at all (not even shredding) Now my question for your wonderful people on this forum is, is there any known treatment for stress related hairloss? Am I right to think that, since it isnt really caused by DHT (I could be wrong and talking jibberish here) stuff like propercia/rogain would be useless in stress related hairloss? I try hard not to think about my hair so often, but it does gets in the way sometimes and it make me all sad and stuff. I never really thought I'd be stressed though, probably subconsciously. The skin on both of my elbows use to get really irritated every once in awhile, and doctor told me it was caused by stress as well. I'm not that upset though, however as my hair is rather thin, I'd hope with medical help I would at least grow some back, or having my hair look healthier. During raining days it's such a diesaster, as my scalp would be uncovered, due to wet hair sticking together. I'm not depressed about it, but it does tend to get in the way. Anyhow, any feed back would be greatly greatly appreciated! *EDIT* Oh also, I am interested in Kerastase hair product. It is pretty much a high end brand. The Kerastase Aminexil look rather interesting, anyone know much about it?
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