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  1. Did he get that game "Operation" for Christmas. I thought that was just a toy !!! RonnieF
  2. I have also started using Nanogen and find it very easy to use. Regards RonnieF
  3. Has anyone tried any of the hair thickening shampoos that are advertised. Do they work? RonnieF
  4. A man goes to his doctor about his hair loss. The doctor says, since you have tried all the available options I am going to give you a guaranteed cure. He then produces a rabbit, which he tells the man to put on his head. "What !" says the Man The doctor says - "Trust me I'm a doctor, and from a distance that will look like a hare !!!" Boom Boom RonnieF
  5. Hi All I have been away for a while. I have been on Propecia for years, no side effects at all. Thanks Specs for all your help and advice on this forum. RonnieF
  6. On you guys comments I went ahead and bought this product. Ordered Wed and Recieved Thurs!! Have tried it and like it, find it a bit difficult to apply myself any advice Thanks Guys RonnieF
  7. When your girlfriend runs her fingers through your hair do you get a stiffy ?!!!
  8. Is Saw Palmetto suitable for hair loss. RonnieF
  9. I saw an article about coffe and hair loss. Anyone know where it is. RonnieF
  10. Very good point Specs. If you are going to start a treatment do it sooner, rather than later. RonnieF
  11. Hi Marie When I first started on Minoxidil I got it at a clinic and it was very expensive. I now buy at boots and it is almost half what I used to pay about 4 years ago. RonnieF
  12. RonnieF


    I have tried splitting but never had any success with it so went back to Propecia. It is just easier for me. RonnieF
  13. Hi Just interested, is amyone here using a lasercomb. Any results? RonnieF
  14. Big 3 works for me also. Will give the zinc a try only read good stuff about it. RonnieF
  15. Never saw the advert but know that people can be very cruel about hair loss, whether intentionally or not. If we were a religious we could sue !!! RonnieF
  16. Hi Joe90 I have never had any reaction at all from using Regaine. I really think the stuff has helped me a lot. RonnieF
  17. Agree with Specs It ain't that easy just to say what the heck and shave it all off. I do not have the balls or the nerve do that, so will continue looking for the ultimate treatment. RonnieF
  18. Ye agree e-bay for Regaine but watch for the sharks Some of the guys out there are real pros RonnieF
  19. Why is it that with all the political correctness etc that is invading our lives do people still think that it is still alright to have a dig at bald people or people with thinning hair. No other ***** would put up with it ! KFC over Christmas were well out of order. What do other think. RonnieF
  20. Good to see forums running at last ! I keep seeing comments about nizoral helping hairloss but I thought it was for dandruff ! Any comments RonnieF
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