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  1. http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....oductid=1046130 is that rogaine but has the name changed. using rogaine nizoral and Propecia is this the way to go then. were do I get Propecia how much does this cost, I saw someone say on these forums that you should stop three months before you try for a kid. Is this correct.
  2. plus what vitamins should I take at the moment having a multi vitamin plus seven seas omega 3 tablets. should I add a B Complex Tablets any help would be great, my family has got me really down as out of my brothers I am losing my hair. Plus my family just don't understand how I feel, and on family meeting's my hair is the main topic. Please help
  3. Hi guys About to buy some items to control this MPB I am having I am 29 years old and my hair is really thin over my crown area, and front left side. I have purchased Nizoral 2% shampoo If I just used the Nizoral would this doing anything to control the hair loss or do I need more then Nizoral to do anything. I was thinking maybe buying from boots Regaine Extra Strength. And shave my head and begin treatment this way, I don't really wish to use Propecia just yet. would Regaine Extra Strength plus Nizoral do anything. cheers guys
  4. thanks for the advice guys just tried the Nizoral
  5. guys Whats your view on these MSM Pills do they work which is the correct pill to buy from below 006130 Glucosamine MSM Complex Tablets - Holland and Barrett 004781 Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM Complex Liquid - Holland and Barrett 013306 Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM W/Omega 3-6-9 - Holland and Barrett 027810 Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM - Holland and Barrett 005017 MSM 750 mg. Capsules - Holland and Barrett 005015 MSM 750 mg.Capsules - Holland and Barrett 005615 MSM Cream - Holland and Barrett 002286 MSM Powder - Holland and Barrett thanks guys
  6. thanks for the link do you think that using Nizoral helped control hair loss if you had any, on first using the shampoo did it cause more hair to fall out. Thank you for the time
  7. dude have you used this shampoo does it dry the scalp and hair to much after use to combat this should I use my regular conditoner?
  8. guys what ketoconazole % should I buy the 1% or the 2% ketoconazole nizoral shampoo
  9. Hey dudes My hair has started to thin ( Age 29) I have a dandruff problem and was advised to try Nizoral which may help the dandruff but also control the hair loss. On using Nizoral should I use a conditoner after using Nizoral. Has anyone used this Nizoral if so what results have you seen, has it help with controling the hair loss Any help would be great
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