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  1. Thats it ive had enough of this forum, i hope you all the best in the future.
  2. Yet again pb you are just assuming the worst. The pic looks great, and i bet the guy is over the moon, and thats what counts!
  3. No thats not what im saying monk. All im saying that is a good diet will help you in many ways.
  4. Im not saying Hts are bad just that flaps look better, stop twisting the words!
  5. Yet again these links are a joke!! you have one guy using words like hack off and throw away a large part of the mans scalp, is he trying to write a horror book...you lot make fun of me for saying ht's are average and then you use horrible and dillusional words about a procedure you have only heard rumours about, show me evidence of Myer flap patients who are not happy with the outcome? Im waiting.
  6. HOPE your links are based on rumours and have no facts what so ever! proof not hearsay! and also Hope look at your links dates ie, Dec 2002, come on thats 4 years ago (move on) And Pb the pic you have posted about a flap procedure done, looks 10x better then zipit procedure, its all about how your hair looks like after the procedure...and sorry zip it...but yours looks average. Zip-it dont get me wrong, i hope you are happy with the end results, but im frustrated that when all im saying is that i think that flap is better then Ht, guys on here want to slate me and ban me (WHY?)
  7. Im sorry if people find me offensive, i thought i was just giving my opinion. And spex can you show me a flap victim please? I suppose guys who have the flap done, dont need to be on this forum because they dont have a hair problem nomore.
  8. Thats nonsense!!! my dad is 72 now and he has a full head of hair, and my mum has long healthy hair.
  9. Im sure you know that 2.5mg of dut will inhibit at least 80% of scalp dht compared to 55% on 0.5mg Thats why i am taking 2.5mg.
  10. Main thing is your happy and thats what counts. I just hope all this was really affordable for everyone, so that we could make a true judgement on whats best, instead of just judgeing those who can afford it.
  11. Im sorry guys but i think it looks really average,flap gives you results straight away, and it looks 10 times better! no offence zip-it.
  12. Well zip-it i have read non stop on what dosage i should take, and i have found that 2.5mg of dut will give me the best results, dont worry i am well blessed to worry about that right now
  13. I will be there to, so i can protest on his high prices!
  14. I suppose i will class myself as unique To have faith in a desperate situation, takes a lot of courage! Why cant i try good diets and study my ability to learn about what i can do to improve my hair in a basic way, im using dut now, but only to boost what i already have, some guys on here hate the fact that im not conceding to there views on hairloss! this is a forum and if you want to ignore pb then thats your choice.
  15. I think the only reason why i am a outsider is because i think hairloss is a basic problem, and guys on here find that offensive, and trust me i dont intend to disrespect anyone. You never know, i might be visiting a hair clinic like fellers to have my frontal done, or i might just stick to my faith in my mind, i am so open to change my views if someone out there can make me see a different better approach.
  16. Nobody really knows, what amazing and crazy things are about to happen in 10 years time, but all i can say is to all of you that are losing hair, we are at a stage where the world is moving so fast, we are going to resolve this issue on hair loss...i just hope we can all afford it
  17. Firstly i said the flap seems to be the best we have out there to cover the whole scalp in thick hair (OK) Secondly a good diet will boost the quality of you hair in many ways (OK) Thirdly i never ever said you should use dut and fin together, i said you had a choice of one or the other, and i said i was using generic form, due to the dosage (OK) Fourthly i have read a lot about HT's and think that some surgeons do a good job, but its nothing compared to the flap, and thats just my view (OK) I am here to learn and express my feelings on the subject, not on here to be accused of this and that (typical bush administration bully tactics) your attitude is YOUR WITH US OR AGAINST US! My views are mine alone, and i dont force my views on anyone.
  18. I know for a fact, that everything from shampoos, Ht's,cloning and drugs for hairloss will be 10 times better in 5 years time, even a cure. Basic example = try and explain to a 8 year old the game and consoles we used to play 10 to 15 years ago, they would laugh at you, compared to what they have now, just like the drugs we use, in 10 and 15 years time, they will laugh at what we used to get rid of hairloss and the effectiveness of our drugs compared to what they will have.
  19. Ok then i might be a bit extreme in one since, but can you explain why when they do placebos, that some patients react amazing without any drugs, this must mean that when we believe, the brain is causing something to affect dht etc We dont even understand ourselves, and our own healing abilitys. I just dont think its right that us as human beings should just give up and concede to drugs. I hope you all understand.
  20. It does have an affect on the quality of our hair, maybe you lot need to look up the history and facts on hairloss and what areas of the world does it effect the most (then when you lot have done that, come back and ill give you advice on hair a boosting diet)
  21. ho ho ho s.a.f I know my diet is boosting my hair growth right now, fresh clean water plays a massive part in it (we are 70% water dont forget) in 10 years time, the way we are going, we will be 70% fin and dut
  22. Very funny s.a.f the difference from 50 years ago and now is that things move much faster now, meaning we are not waiting for 1 nation to develop new things, now there are many nations that have the ability to come out with something new and exciting! lets face it, we have no choice but to adapt to whats coming, and hair loss will be the least of your worrys ie hair loss wont be a problem
  23. Yeah but is zip-its hair going to look thick or is that option not availble? if i was going to go down the HT route i would want to have thick frontal hair, i suppose that means packing out the front, but is that possible?
  24. Is 3000/4000 enough to cover the crown and vertex? I thought about 10000 to 15000 was average? and 30000 looks great (i dont know?) Or is that just not possible?
  25. I have to admit, there are a lot of new boys on the block who do fantastic work...but right now ill wait for a few years first (till i save up some money ) I still think a good diet can boost your hair growth compared to a weak diet.
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