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  1. Geezz .. News Flash Merck has been caught again lying about side effects of ther products.... wonder where we heard that before ..
  2. Not scare stories, just stating what a lot of users have reported. Lets remember long list of common drugs that have been removed due to problems years later.Drug companies fund most studies so remember Bottom line IS bottom line! If you have good luck great i did not like fact spec takes issue with me Talking about laser Brush while HE LINKS HIS PAGE TO HAIR CLINIC. Kettle calling Pot black. Enough said.
  3. Lower sperm count /volume of ejaculate which Merck considers non issue, Weight gain, heart flutters, and decreased sexual desire all have been documented by users. If you are to only RELY on Manufacture of drug to list its short comings Yes you are Right a LITTLE KNOWELEDE IS DANGEROUS! 6 years HMM maybe we should ask your partner about this......
  4. Oh buy the way Specs since your a shill for hair TRANSPLANTS have they got over the HEAD OF A DOLL LOOK YET, and whats available for common man who cant afford a Mercedes on thier head?
  5. No ,Why dont you just research it for yourself Laser therapy is well documented from Oxford to John Hopkins, But i guess they to are trying to sell something! this has been used for a lot of years and oh buy the way A guy named Einstien discussed benifits of various wave light beams into the human body.. listen continue on with what you use... remember all of you have great results with a drug that was designed to shrink your prostate and make dick soft so have fun!
  6. sorry , but all studies prove you wrong.. I take saw Palmetto twice a day with Laser BRUSH and have great results. Going to a clinic every week is foolish when you can do the whole thing at home EVERYDAY for 15 mins! I do this all for under 100.00 US dollars!!
  7. I just wanted to add i have had great success with Natural hair laser brush with Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto twice a day and laser brush 15 minutes everyday. Not laser comb with plastic bristles but LASER Brush. I think bristles move oil and unclog pours better.
  8. The report on 20/20 which i saw tested all common hair growth forms. Only ONE at the end of 8 weeks showed signs of new growth! The laser comb..It has been used for years in the orient and is working for me. My hair is fuller then it has been in years no Bullshit. I dont know if it works for all people but i know it works for people i have spoken with.
  9. i am 2 weeks hair seems a bit fuller my brother has for 2 months and youy can see photos on ebay @ laser brush
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