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  1. me too - please put me down for a consult , as requested in my recent email .
  2. ive read those posts on that site before...less than helpful really (the posts , not you hairymuff ) they claim on that forum that there are issues with dr.coles ethics and/or abilities , but when directly asked what those issues are specifically , the only replies are about punch size and lawsuits against former employees ( which are not issues of ethics ) and when pushed further , the moderator replies that his "lawyers have advised him not to discuss dr.cole publicly" (sic) . does anyone here have any actual evidence of these ethical issues that they talk about over on HTN ? without it , its nothing more than conjecture surely ?
  3. well i met spex yesterday - it was very informative and he's a nice guy ( as i'm sure you all know ) . also spoke to dr.feller this evening to get his recommendations and he was extremely forthright and honest in his opinions , which was good to hear and also very refreshing . so i've emailed him some photos of the kind of hairline that i'd like to achieve to get a more detailed appraisal . i'll let you know what transpires . the wookie
  4. thanks for your replies guys . i did PM haggis - hopefully he'll reply . also had a look at some of dr.fellers results here - they're generally much better looking than the results posted on his own website which i had previously seen ( and discounted him because of those photos ) . also going to meet spex on thursday . i take on board your comments regarding dr.cole - although personally i found him to be curteous and straightforward when i met him recently , and i do very much like his work , so for me he's still top of the list . my armani consult is a whole other story though (i'll save that for another thread on another day ) .
  5. hi , i'm seriously considering having my first procedure this year with dr.cole . however , before i do so i want to meet at least one of his former patients in person . are there any former patients of his here in england that would be willing to meet me ? i can assure anyone willing to help of my utmost discretion at all times . thanks in advance , the wookie
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