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  1. Thanks for the reply, i have just booked myself an appointment with a place that does all different sorts of things.... So maybe there is hope, will have to wait and see. Will keep you posted, apointment is next friday. Definetly not into these " hair systems" lol. Thanks Chris
  2. I want to start taking propecia but can you use Revivogen at the same time Obviously i want to keep the hair i have got but thats not good enough i need to grow some back as well Whats the best method using a HT as a last option Thanks Chris
  3. Just found this site as im getting a little bit desperate. Heres my story Im 22 now,the first time someone actually said anything about my hair was when i was about 16 they noticed how it receded slighty at the sides. At the time i had quite long hair with a center parting so didnt really take much notice and continued to where this style for a few years. All the time i knew it was getting worse but i just kept telling myself "its ok some people have this sort of hair line, doesnt mean i will go bald". At this point i was quite happy to carry on with life and not give it another thought. Then for some stupid reason i thought it was a good idea to let my girlfriend at the time shave it off with clippers No.1 all over. Of course i didnt like it at all so i used to wear a hat to cover it up, then grew it back by this time we are talking a year later so its got receded even more. Of it came again after i was looking at one of these " Its Great to be bald" sites. Maybe for some people it is but for me no I absolutely hate it. To cut a long story short i have grown it back now as best i can and have it very short, but i always always wear a hat when i go out. It is completely distroying my life. I dread the next family event wedings etc, People tell me all the time its about whats inside that counts but what a load of crap i want to go out everyday and think to myself "yeah i look good" not "i look like a old man at 22". Ive done quite well for myself job wise and drive a nice car and have money in the bank etc but i would hounestly give all of it up just to have hair back. Sorry for sounding a cry baby and the long post but i really need some advice on what drugs/treatments to pursue. Thank you Chris
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