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  1. hiya m8 thankyou very much:D, erm...i decided to stick with the foam but i just have to move my hair out of the way so i can get it onto the scalp, liquids might be better for this but i just wudnt want the mess ive heard of from it. cheers.Craig.
  2. hi m8, well i got my first batch for doc ashcroft, i am now on fincar i get from an online pharmacy.
  3. thanks alot aah and bigmac, yer i hope it keeps thickenin up too, the only trouble ive found now is that as my hair gets longer the foam is harder to apply to the scalp. may have to get liquid. id say theres a good 8 months between the pics, but i only started the foam 4 months ago, if id ave started earlier on the foam id ave prob been even thicker now.
  4. thanks m8, yer im over the moon pal:D its very easy to use, no mess at all, i wud deffo recomend it to any1 .
  5. thanks alot badhairuk:D well ive just been lookin through my other monthly photos and found this realllllyyy thin one, its quite shocking looking how bad it was back then heres what it looks like now, im still thin on the temples and inbetween them but nowhere near as much as i was, im gona grow it now and see how it looks. lol and yes i am wearin the same t shirt , but its been washed i promise lol.
  6. thanks for the nice replies guys:D the foam is deffo worth investing in, its so easy to apply , i apply it to the temples and the bits in between , then rub it into the sclalp, no mess at all and u cud apply ur nanogen straight on top after a couple of mins no worries. i havent had a shed with this foam yet, lol to be honest id totally forgot about the shedding stage, now im all worried lol . the thing is ive never had the itchy n flaky scalp from this foam, ive read its meant to be a bit less harsh than the liquid, u shud give it a go m8.
  7. hey guys, i started receiding when i was about 19 , i realised when i was 21 that i was thinning at the front of my head between the temples, at this point i decided to shave my head and come to terms with the fact i had mpb, at first i thought what the hell , but as time went on i started to think theres gota be a way to beat this so i came on this forum and did research about proscar and started taking it 17 months ago. This was great for holding the hair i had left but the regrowth wasnt happening, so a month and a half ago i decided to start rogaine foam and has started growing hair back quite nicely, i just wish id have started earlier on the stuff. Anyways ive added some pics of before and some pics ive taken 2day. cheers.Craig. p.s ive taken the pics in exactly the same place with my head facing the window so it gets full exposure. then now
  8. bang on m8, i think if ur thinning havin a shaved head is good, it makes ya look like ya kno ur balding rather than growing it and tryin to cover it up in denial which is a bad look lol.
  9. hey guys, yer tim ive order from doc. Ashcroft before but ive heard the cheaper generic versions are as good as proscar so was lookin for a cheaper alternative. bill i didnt kno that cheers for lettin me kno. cheers. craig.
  10. hi all, i posted this once before and it got removed!!!! why?!!!!!!! does any1 kno of a good legit online pharmacy where i can get fincar or proscar or a generic version of proscar or whatever. cheers. craig.
  11. i kinda understand where that guy is comin from on the other forum( i havent actually read it) i dont go out half as much as i used to when i had hair, at first i thought fuck it i dont care girls will like me for who i am, but a year down the line u realise at 22 girls dont want a youth who is receiding its just not natural lol. and for the above post i wud never get a HT for someone else, id do it for my own self confidence/esteem.
  12. i totally understand this situation, about a month ago i was on a night out and was in the takeaway and some geeza starts bein loud and mouthy and then says to his friend who was starting to receed " ull soon be as bald as him pal" reffering to me. this was rather annoying and i wish id ave had some come-backs to demoralise the cunt but he caught me totally off guard. that took me a couple of weeks to get over as im totally insecure anyway without comments like that.
  13. bigmac thats just what im lookin for thankyou very much m8!!
  14. saf m8, thats who i got it off last year but at the moment i cant afford a bulk buy i just want to buy a smaller amount so it wont cost as much , altho i kno its gona be much more in the long run.
  15. hiya guys, ive been on prsocar for about 14 months now and am just about to run out of my supply, i was wondering if any1 knows anywhere i can get a smaller supply from, maybe a couple of months worth instead of 14 months, because im a bit short on money at the moment. Thanks for any help. Craig
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