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  1. Heard it today. Well it’s been documented a lot and its quite a potent drug to be used for MPB- no bones about it. Even 0.5mg could do a majority of the job on a daily basis. Personally speaking i’ve not really had this side effect whilst taking fin so i’m not expecting issues if I were to come off it. I may have had a loss of sex at times since being on it but i’m over 30 now- no longer an 18 year old!
  2. Cheers...I got a response. For everyones info, the current prices: 6 months of avodart would be about £250, depending on the £ 3 packs of proscar for £120, 4 for £150 generic finasteride: 4 packs for £100.
  3. Is the number still the same as you posted here: http://www.hairhelp.myzen.co.uk/?q=node/7 I've been trying to get hold of him myself via the email & phone.
  4. It looks interesting! -may have to make an investment. also like the look of their grooming clay. just been browsing the nanogen website, all looks very nice- and nice price when you need to stick with the products for at least 3 months. as it's been said on here, probably by yourself- you have to wonder what effect a rinse off product can do. the time it takes faffing around with rogaine etc, really don't have the patience for it on a daily basis.
  5. It looks quality, no doubt. Though i didn’t appreciate something like that would cost in the region of $9000! Is that the ball park figure for a 2000 graft procedure? How much can it vary depending where you go?
  6. I've been on Fin (supplied by Dr A) since April 2005. i'm 31 now and i've had no drastic negative side effects. the shedding eased up after a few months and my crown thickened as did the middle vertex. my temples certainly haven’t receded as rapidly as they were beforehand. I was able to keep what i had and add some. although i always styled my hair in a certain way due to an very uneven hair line- somewhat of a comb over. I was happy until end of last year when the temples started receding more so than ever. Most weekends in the last 12 months i would use hair straighteners as well which probably isn't ideal. In the earlier years i did use minox 5% and also tried the foam but felt it was significantly beneficial to continue. ebay is a gooda place as any to stock up. I've used niz a couple of times a week ever since the beginning and originally found it improved the condition of my scalp no end. lately my hair's been very greasy even after washing it the previous night. have been using a 2n1 shampoo/conditioner but gonna make the switch to Lock Stock & Barrel Reconstruct Hair Thickening Wash. something a bit more quality. Back on the forums now to see the latest goings on. had pretty good run for over 3 years, now depressed about my temples and uneven hair line. am thinking about making the switch from FIN to DUT when i've used up my current supply. Am wondering about a potential HT as well but have the same concerns as chappers about further loss.
  7. I was just surfing sports supplement websites and found a product by the reputable company, Reflex called LinumLife that contains a ***** of plant chemicals called lignans that are derived from Flax. I don't know if anyone has tried anything simliar but it could be a option for people that are too young to take finasteride, or maybe if finasteride doesn't agree with you or is too expensive. I guess it would be OK to take it in addition to 1mg of finasteride because it is a natural product. http://monstersupplements.com/store/produc...528-lang-1.html
  8. I've used Revitalise and this was my take: http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...owtopic=204&hl=
  9. brioni


    It was discussed here: http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=633 Hope this helps.
  10. No i've never tried it, I just read up on the details @ http://www.physicianshairgrowth.com But from what I can see it's fairly standard stuff. To me it would be the same as using Retin-A cream (which you can get in something like 3 different strenghts) rubbing that in and then appling some kirkland 5% from http://minoxidil-direct.co.uk/. This would work out a lot cheaper.
  11. Propecia or Avodart is the best defence, but even they aren't wonder drugs. Personally I don't think Minoxidil works that well. As for oily greasy hair - Nizoral definitely worked for me.
  12. Same here, and no acne is not a side-effect, thats something i've suffered with for over 5 years. But I'm afraid most GP's know very little about the drug probably because they are not able to prescribe Propecia in the UK. Honestly are they really gonna let you have proscar which is intended for prostate? Your better off having a chat with Dr Ashcroft who has used it for many years, i'm sure he can tell you if it will cause problems with kidneys. I did shed a bit of hair after the first couple of months but nothing to bad - its hard to tell, as is the progress i've made in a year (if any) but I will stick with it for now.
  13. Yes, i've done all that as well. with regards to stressing about how you will look 5/10 years later, it could be really hard to tell. on the optimistic side, have you ever noticed how some men lose their temples, then the receding halts and the hair line stays the same for what seems to be years. I doubt Bruce Willis was taking Finestaride in the late 80's to keep what he had, but what i'm saying is that the rate of receding could slow naturally. Why this happens to some and not others is a mystery I guess, but it does happen. I recently had my hair cut from growing it out over a 3 month period and was actually told I looked younger! Yes, I stress about hair loss when I'm trying to style it and make it look half decent. But for me personally, I'm too preoccupied with my acne which has aggravated and frustrated me for years on a daily basis to worry about the state of my hair. I would have liked to have started fin sooner if it weren't for the cost at the time. At the beginning of last year I decided I needed to something about it because my scalp was starting to show through my temples, so i've been on the big 3 for a year. It's the acne thats really had a psychological effect on my confidence and self-esteem tho. with natural hair regrowth the facts are generally thats impossible at the moment, so its a case of losing it (which would hopefully be over many years) or attempting to keep it with fin or dut which doesn't work for everybody. This i can accept, but with acne there seems to be even more products and prescriptions that you have to wade through to find a combination of stuff that works for you before you get improvement - that you strive really hard for because you know its possible. As I say, that’s very frustrating and stressful.
  14. I looked at this a while ago when I was trying to find a 15% minoxidil product. Instead I brought Xandrox15 which has 5% azelaic acid. I’ve been using it for nearly 3 months but with no noticeable effects on the scalp, temples or mid vertex. Just looking again at the details of ReMox, I can’t see how that product can block DHT, it seems fairly standard stuff with the exception of the Tretinoin. At nearly £22 a bottle it’s quite a hike in price just for that little bit of 0.025% Retin-A, compared with a £4.50 bottle of Kirkland XS. The price of ReMox III compares well with Xandrox15, but it’s a lotion so I’m not sure that could be applied to the scalp as well as liquid through a dropper. Also it has 3.5% less azelaic acid than Xandrox which Dr Klein and Dr Lee says can “inhibit 90% of DHT formation”. Maybe if I can source some Retin-A gel then I could apply that before using Minox. It would probably also help my acne as well.
  15. I had suffered with acne years before using Propecia and was precriped 2x500mg of Oxytetracycline per day. nearly 2 years later it's still a problem but under control using this med plus freederm gel. I'm a lot happier about it but my skins not perfect, it's still oily and prone to a rare breakout. having said all that my condition has not got worse using propecia, if anything it's been better of late. Yeah, there's an initial "shedding" phase and people have found that minox could increase hair loss. The jury's still out for me - i'm now using Xandrox15, the strongest stuff and a month down the line i'm worried i'm going in the wrong direction but i'll just have to give it a bit more time. Nope, none of those side effects here and i've been on it for nearly a year. The xandrox15 website tells you that you should only start using it after 6 months on minox 5% and I can see why, its heavy stuff - read my review here for more info http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=633
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