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  1. Thanks for the info on Revita, I was reading up on the Spectral DNC product, basically seems identicle to Revita. I take it Revita is gonna be an improved version as well as being a shampoo then?
  2. I was browsing the news section of this site earlier and I came across the article about this Procyanidin B-2 and seeing as no one has mentioned it as of yet I thought I'd make a thread for some positive or more than likely negative responses Its an interesting read and sounds good to people suffering hairloss I gotta say, especially with the graphs compairing it to Minoxidil. Still can't help but think this is some ridiculous exaggeration even with the way the article is worded, as if its this revolutionary cure for hairloss and the director or whoever he is (David L.Kern) says "I can't wait for you experience it. And I want you to pick up the phone, right then, and call me personally. We'll celebrate together. I want you to do me the ultimate favor, and share that moment with me" I really dunno how anyone can take that seriously at all, it seems any new product with a cleverly written article, photographic 'evidence' and that has been researched seems to make my mind scream "try the damn thing". So have a read because the method seems sound in a lot of parts but I just have a suspicision that this is gonna be nothing more than hype, saying that though I'd like to hear some view's or opinions on it, especially those of you who know a good amount about hairloss and these products and their methods. Article -Procyanidin B-2
  3. Well I got a good laugh checking this thread, cheers for that. Always thought the guy was a weirdo, what next Moby....cat's urine holds the key to good skin, stay outta the press or making any comments at all and do us all a favour.
  4. Rogaine (or Regaine in the UK) seems to get mixed reactions although from what I've heard the bad 'reviews' outweigh the good. I used Regaine for 3 or so months a year ago, it made me lose hair on the right side of my forehead and I grew some new hairs on the left side. My hair got wholly worse when using the stuff, I was uneducated about hairloss back then and didn't think it would have any negative effect on my hair (I used it on the front of my head to the back) but my hair got thinner and just overall worse after using Regaine. I have heard people say on this site that it can accelerate hairloss and I would say that was partly my experience and once you use it you'd need continued use to keep any new hairs that do grow on your head anyway. So with the foam I take it the only difference is the process of applying it to the head, that being it be much easier to keep the foam on the part of the head you wanna use it without it running everywhere like the liquid can.
  5. I would be nice to think a healthy diet attributes to the condition of hair maybe even join it up with some positive thinking, each night before you go to bed you eat a load of cheese strings and each one you digest you imagine it as a hair follicle going into your system to pop up on your head sometime in the near future. On a serious note though, it seems when news like the cell growth or whatever comes out there is almost this expectation that its around the corner. I don't get my hopes up anymore with anything in terms or curing or helping hairloss, its nice to be positive but you to be somewhat realistic too. Worst thing comes to the worst you have to shave your head and get a half decent tan on it
  6. Hey guys, been reading the forum for quite a while now and I finally registered today. I am 21, started losing hair at 19, at first it was only a little receeding and I read about Regaine and used it for 2 or 3 months, got new hairs growing on the left hand side of my forehead and lost hair on my right hand side....weird eh, so I stopped using that. Since then its been some daft stuff outta one of those chinese herbal shops, I used that for ages with it having zero effect. I'm pretty sure my hair has gotten worse over the years, its thin as hell even at the sides and I'm sick of reading about different products that are supposed to 'greatly help' in the fight against hairloss. I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that its gonna take a HT to get the results I want and I'd save up alright but I'm waiting with interest on the cell research that seems to be going well (I hope), probably take another year or two before anything happens with it though. I shave my head with a razor these days, don't look too bad completely bald like but I still like 99% of the people out there would rather have a full head of healthy hair lol. For the last 3 months I have been using Revivogen, the shampoo smells and feels great on the head but so far I've seen little if any effect, I'm giving it 6-8 months to see if there is any improvement before I give up on it. So I've got a few questions, will shaving my head completely effect shedding or the improvement of my hair in any way? Has anyone else tried Revivogen and got any decent results? I have started taking MSM, Vitamin B6 and Iron tablets (in the hope that many individual hairs are sleeping under the skin of my head and will shoot up out when they get enough of these vitamins and the almighty Revivogen scalp treatment..... )
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