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  1. Congrats on your new e-book Spex. When I was suffering before my own hair loss revival process.. I actually thought I already knew a lot about hair loss.. but it wasn't until I met you at the start of my journey that I know I couldn't have had such a good result without your vast knowledge and support and your way of relaxing the whole situation into something 'that's fixable!' with the best result possible with the right information and it's not 'the end of the road' which is how I was feeling at the time. It really was like a light switch being flicked ON! and being exited about getting the old me back again.. which is now where I am today! (many thanks!) This is long over due and great to hear and watch what is now available to support guys like me when I was in a dark hole back at the start! Great work! bhuk.
  2. No probs HH. Keep us posted Piano all the best mate.
  3. Congrats to this guy, he had quite a vast empty space, this has really made a huge improvement and great coverage, and nice spiral!
  4. Great write up Steve, I'm exited for you! This sounds like it will top you up and fill in those areas you want very nicely!! Looking forward to seeing the pics... it sounds like u have been packed to the max!
  5. Hey Piano.. great write up...sorry I'm a bit late seeing your post! I checked out all ur profile pics before ur latest session with Dr Feller.. and I can relate to a lot of your ht journey.. sorry to hear you went through so much crap with the UK clinic! It really reminds me of how bad things were before my repair. Its great to see you straight after ur latest session, the new hairline looks awesome and I'm certain you will be smiling a great deal more when ur waiting is over! its tuff waiting... I couldnt hardly see any changes either until the half way point.. but a good idea is to look back at your 'pre-feller' pics... and compare to how your looking at the end of each month.. I found I was surprised I missed the new growth as its so slow coming through you hardly notice it to begin with... month 8 onwards is a good time to start seeing the new puppies arriving to the party! hang in there mate.. and thanks for your detailed write up... after checking out ur link on google maps....I spent an hour just walking around NYC again! its awesome All the very best!! Hi Hudsonhawke, the best guy to speak to regarding the quotes on estimated grafts etc is SPEX (he posted just above you) most of the UK guys speak to him 1st as he's Dr Fellers main man here in the UK he'll be able to give you every detail you need to know Hope this helps.... your loss looks to be absolutely ideal for an easy fix for Dr F.. but thats just from the pics.
  6. I'd like a 10000 session too, but the back of my head would be completely bald and my arse pulled half way up my back with the tension. haha... i wish i wasnt able to visualise that right now!
  7. Richie... ur hair looks awesome... you look like a cool sufer dude!
  8. Hey Mr T! good luck dude! ur going to be in great shape after this one
  9. BadHairUK

    My Crown

    Hope ur well PB! good to see u I dont know is this product is any good... but from a fitness forum i use, a few guys have mentioned this works well... http://maneuk.com/ Your crown looks like it would be quite a good candidate for the time being if you wanted to try it...as you have coverage that just could benifit from the extra thickening. I havent tried this myself, its just an idea. Shame ur not on the meds, i'm sure that would have held up for u.
  10. Very pleased with my meds i order from Dr Ashcroft.. very nice guy too.
  11. Very natural result!! looks great...
  12. Hi Chewbacka, I did exactly the same as your planning I arrived Saturday evening... had a good nights sleep... woke up Sunday and went sight seeing around the awesome NYC for the entire day. Monday morning was all ready for my new hair! and the next day my flight was at 4.30pm to come home, so i went and done some more shopping before heading back home ... you'll be fine the next day to travel home, I have done this several times and found it the best option before any swelling which may start to occur in a few days post op. Good luck... I'm exited for you mate! I love NYC ...enjoy the sights!
  13. Hey PB... yes mate.... this is all I am getting Fatal error: Call to undefined method ipsclass::xss_check_url() in /home/stophair/public_html/sources/classes/bbcode/class_bbcode_core.php on line 974
  14. Thanks Spex... soz a bit late seeing your reply! Thanks for the link yep having a few probs with posting pics on here, but the link was good cheers!
  15. Here's a quick update guys.. I took a few pics yesterday which is around 4.5 months post op. Fatal error: Call to undefined method ipsclass::xss_check_url() in /home/stophair/public_html/sources/classes/bbcode/class_bbcode_core.php on line 974
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