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  1. A Scotsman and Englishman an Irishman a Priest a Nun a Bear a Dog a Policeman a Dumb Blonde and a Clown walk into a bar. The Barman says " This is some kind of a joke?! *** A man walks into a bar. And says Ouch!!! It was an iron bar. *** A horse walks into a bar, the barman says, "What's with the long face?" Joe90
  2. What happens when you run out of pubes ? Armpit hair !
  3. Thanks for the advice everyone. Have just bought a travel size to experiment with. Joe90
  4. Agree with Specs The big 3 are the one's to go for. However I also use Zinc and take twice the daily recommended RDA. Makes hair and nails grow fast. Anyway it works for me. Joe90
  5. Excellet results Spec I have a question. Does a transplant hurt? Joe90
  6. Hi All Stuff I ordered from th States last week has arrived with no custom or Vat or any tax whatsoever. Very happy Joe90
  7. Hi I just wondered if anyone here had anything, good or bad, to say about this topic ? Thanks Joe90
  8. Hi Folks I am just about to start using regaine, are there any possible side effects with it ? Regards Joe90
  9. Thanks for info Guys Have just ordered some stuff from folica will let you know about delivery time. Joe90
  10. Hi Where can I buy hair loss produvts in the UK. Lots of places on the web but all seem to be from USA. thanks Joe90
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