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  1. i know it varies from individual to individual but roughly how much will an average hair transplant cost? also does anyone know anything about dr armani? http://www.alviarmanihairtransplants.com/ website sounds very convincing. thanks
  2. is 18 too young to start propecia? ive had thinning hair around my temples for 3 years now and recently i've noticed that (when wet) all the hair on top of my head is way thinner than the hair on the sides and the back. my main issue is that the thought of losing my hair at this age really depresses me and makes me feel almost suicidal sometimes because i really love having hair. apparantly nourkin (the dietary supplement pills) are actually really good (ive heard from people with 1st hand experience). although obviously they can't reverse mpb they do make the most out of the hair you have...and seeing as i havent actually completely lost hair anywhere yet (its just far thinner all over the top than at the back and sides) i was thinking these would maybe be worth a try. i've also booked a trico-check at the ********* centre in london seeing as its free. im not going to use their service after the check but i just want to know what their reccomendation is. all points of view would be appreciated? thanks
  3. thanks so much for all the help mate, i'll try the rogaine foam then and hope for the best. if not fin may be the way forward who knows!
  4. cheers guys thats really helpfull. if rogaine is going to make me lose the hair around my temples then i dont see the point in using it seeing as thats all im trying to stop right now. chino, does the rogaine foam leave your hair greasy? do you have to use it twice a day? (it would suit me more to use it once at night) and does anyone have anything to say in terms of fin? i.e. if it comes down to a choice between the two then which one should i use? has anyone else experienced shedding of hair around the temples when on rogaine? can rogaine foam be bought over the counter in boots etc? also on the rogaine site it says Do not use if your amount of hair loss is different than that shown on the inside of this label or your hair loss is on the front of the scalp. 5% minoxidil topical foam is not intended for frontal baldness or receding hairline. thanks again
  5. im 18, receding quite badly around the temples and need some advice on what treatment to go with. i use nizoral and have previously used saw palmetto but i dont want to try propecia (seeing as its better for the crown area) unless its definitely my best option as it seems a bit risky. im also not to keen on regaine (rogaine?). i've heard good things about spiro 5% topical? can anyone on here reccomend anything. thanks
  6. two really helpfull posts. thanks alot guys.
  7. ive just turned 18 and have been interested in propecia for a while (have been taking saw palmetto, nizoral for a while). my hairloss is mainly frontal but my hair has recently started to thin around the crown. before i get in contact with a gp (spex one probably) can someone tell me how much this will cost monthly, and how good is it really?
  8. i have heard pretty good things about this.... just wondering if anyone is or has ever taken it and what they think or whether anyone else has heard anything about it. im trying to decide wether to go for this or propecia. i'm still not sure how expenisive propecia will be though- as i cant afford to splash out for the 15 month supply all in one go. i'm also prodominantly interested in preventing frontal loss and regrowth. any pearls of wisdom on these matters would be much appreciated. thanks
  9. i'll look into it. have you had success with it and how expensive is it?
  10. great thanks alot. the other thing i guess is how much will it cost per month and will it do anything for my frontal loss? if not, is there anything that can deal with frontal loss? thanks a lot for all the support you've given me
  11. i'll give him a ring on monday. cheers guys. just out of interest, being under 18 will i have to pay for propecia or will it be free untill i turn 18 and also how discreet is the whole process? ie does the medication come sent in a big envelope with HAIR LOSS written all over it and will my local gp be aware that i am on propecia and hence realise i have not used him! thanks again, you've both been a really massive help.
  12. i think i may be too embarrassed!!!
  13. its been just under a week and still no reply....
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