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  1. Hi Everybody, This is my first post and it's because my hair loss is now getting too noticeable and depressingly difficult to hide. Ho Hum, anyway I picked up a leaflet in my local Boots about a hair retention programme that apparently works for 9/10 men and 2/3 men who stay on the programme will experience some regrowth of their hair after a couple of years. Now pardon me for being suspicious and once bitten (I tried the nationally advertised Nourkrin and Nourkrin Men for a year and it made my hair look nice and shiny but that was it) but this is Boots the chemist right? Surely there must be some legitimacy in what they're proposing? Is anybody on this programme or embarking upon it? I'm gonna drop by tomorrow for a consultation with one of their Pharmacy team folks and get the low down. Every hope I have for a cure is absolutely tempered by the fact that it ain't gonna happen just yet but I would like to keep what I have and any degree of regrowth is better than none. Anybody else got any thoughts on this? Cheers Sim
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