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  1. Looks great , hes one of rahals showcases .. Very nice work
  2. As long as its not down below eh !!!
  3. Looks great mraussie , dense packed , gonna look good come end of the year !! Heal quick n grow fast !!!!
  4. U Got/puttin any pics up mraussie ? Grow well m8
  5. Not on my head (yet) But had other ops all over me from 3 knee ops , tendon hand repairs , nose reset 2wice (gota pack the ale n footy in LOL) itchyness is tell tale sign wounds are healing swelling reducing , nerve endings regenarating etc. Heal well m8
  6. Nice one pb , All the best m8 !!
  7. Its Official PB has a head made out of BUTTER !!!
  8. Cool video PB , looks like the guy doing it does it very regulary (quick) heal well m8y
  9. look forward to the pics mr aussie, u did well in avoiding uk clinics. all the best on healing n quick growth 2 u.
  10. Leo Sayers got nothin on this guy, great result .
  11. dnd, i,d give them clinics a miss. take no notice who/whats been said , AVOID !!! Usa/canada is were its at..
  12. Its been a while since these pics were posted , but every time i look at them im truley shocked somone could do that to somebody. And like people have said b4 weres all the doner hairs gone. The guys are near if not fully bald, i bet most of them graphs got lashed in the bin, the guy in the top pic , look were the so called doc took the graphs from The nape of his neck, theres actually no hair left there to grow out, (crazy) i was in tescos yesterday and i seen a 2nd person ive ever seen with a massive strip scar on the back of his head (shaved of), (norwood 6) with a few shaved down tufts as his hairline . No doubt 1 of the UK clinics always mentioned did that to him. (B@stewrds)
  13. Workin now spex thx, is that all of it ? hopefully the programe will run again soon on bbc3.
  14. is this u tube link working , a load of txt comes up when i click the link
  15. ok cheers for that pb. Grow quick n well
  16. Are u maxed out now Pb ? , just been looking at your pics and the closure of the new strip on top of the old looks real neat. Looks like theres hair still there in that centre bit , how does it work when the doc says the max has been taken out ?? is scalp laxity the factor or just that the sweet spot of hair is all gone ??? Heal n grow well m8. looks good the new work !!
  17. ive noticed it on many hts , but wat do ppl do about the hairs that are still present from there natural hairline, this guy has a lot still left below his newley formed hairline .... i think i,d opt for electrolosis on those babys !?! Great result by the way !!! looks very thick up top
  18. How mad is that pb "Greetings from the andrew" hehe ... Cool Good luck tmoz !!
  19. St domingos


    look forward to the pics 1664. glad it all went well !!
  20. Looks better than ever in these New pics bib !!
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