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  1. before i clicked the thread , i thought it was gonna say colleen is worried that wayne has made a mistake getting a hair transplant , but no .. its about him beating the woman of oh dear colleen its not like it wasnt for the way of life £££ why she stuck/clung around after him going awol a few times already. what a silly comment when she never made any after he was caught "bang" to rights on other occasions.
  2. rooney has always been aware of his hair situation and like most men including our selves loosing our hair is not a nice situation whatsoeverl. He has been on meds fin/prosc and minox/rogaine for a couple of years now i remember reading about it , so without them he would probably be bald already . I dunno about this Ht im not sure if hes doen the right thing or not, i do think he could end up like another elton john hair media situation were it becomes an obbsession to beat baldness that plays out to the world
  3. Now that this has been said , i was not long ago thinking about giggs hair as i remember thinking a couple of years ago he was gettin a bald patch at the back and thinking hes going bald, but then the last year or so i didnt notice it going any worse ,in fact it seemed to look more fuller and re filling back in , so yeh now this has come out , i wasnt seeing things after all
  4. Well there was that skating on ice guy the other week and now this , hair transplants have been in the spot light in the uk for a couple of months now , with regard to this wayne rooney Ht , theres gonna be no hiding place for it whats over , i mean during games when its drenched in sweat , there wont be any nice still pictures he could use or a nanogen fibre fest , its either gonna look good or bad. he will no doubt need another session again next season and then again even the season after to get a proper fuller look , from the pic thats been posted it looks like hes had a horse shoe type done , high rounded of temples and a tiny line at the fringe , which really is what can only be expected from a fue session. watch this space as they would say
  5. Thx for the link BHUK and spex for finding out about it, just orded some .. post and packaging a bit steep like will give it a whirl see how it goes hopefully this will be me in 3months
  6. I need sommit for my hair shampoo wise , my hair is fine and just feels very limp ..diffuse and all i was thinkin of getting nizorol and seeing if it would give my hair a much needed boost. my hair seems at its best after a wash and towel dry but within a few hours just goes sorta flat n maybe greasy again.. tbh ive never really bought decent shampoo in past, just used the shower foam burst ... i got some brown T gel a few weeks ago and has helped a little. . any ideas on how to give my hair a much needed tonic and fuller look longer !? (apart from the inevatble HT that is) ive read a white vinegar rinse can be good !? , ill get a portion of chips to go with it
  7. Good job, his hair seems pretty fine in calibar he still got a dense result with a great looking hairline.
  8. Nice write up jas now weres the pics Grow well m8 !!
  9. i did read an article bout a year ago that he was using minoxidil or of a kind and his biggest fear is going bald, so i can see this affecting him (like most of us) on and of the pitch
  10. That scar is unreal ... one , if not best ive seen grow well
  11. Thx for the pics, are u on meds ? the last pic seems to suggest u are diffuse. theres a lota ppl who know the meds scene im sure they can suggest whats best. i think 1000 fue would help your hair line but in the bigger picture im not sure if that will give u the whole coverage u,ll want further down the line !?
  12. How bad is ur loss , are u sure 1000/1500 graphs is enough are u on meds , age etc ? pics ?
  13. Cheers for that richie, its coming in nicely now Grow well m8
  14. what sorta coverage should them graphs give at around the 12 month mark cover the balding area completely or a fine coverage . whats the goal ?
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