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  1. Your hair Does your hair compare to this which it appears to? or this? Hairroot at 5.5 months
  2. As shocking as ever Dr Feller need list the clinics who performed the work. That no.1 is horrific! No.7 is obviously the FUE work of Rogers as no other UK clinic could offer FUE and make it grow. Look at the mess thats been made of him in both the donor and recipient areas . All these patient should come on here and expose the clinics that perfomed the work.
  3. You are more than likely not used to such high numbers in one sesison after your previous UK attempts. I have read that redness can take weeks to go
  4. This is hilarious Worth taking note of the number of direct questions avoided by this maneman(Rogers) Lucky don't let this transparent poster trouble you. This poster is so obviously out to manipulate and cause trouble. He needs to try and convince himself that his decision to go through with Rogers is the right one He obviously knows the answer but is committed and just found the forums. Dilemma maneman maneman, I tell you what you take it out on very experienced credible posters and make as many little schnidy comments as you can to help keep convincing yourself that Rogers is the guy to go to..... If i were you I would cancel that session and research Why anyone who finds the forums would opt for a HT with Rogers is completely beyond me His results even shown here by his satisfied patients are aweful. I am not a Feller patient but can tell you this... Rogers is not even in the same leauge as Fellers techs nevermind Feller hence why the many helpful comments with regard to where you need to go to get a good HT. The US and Canada. Go get your Rogers HT maneman and all the best with it but until you do why not stop digging yourself an even bigger hole and have it done and then come on here with some proof. Not excuses (common Rogers patient trait) but documented proof. I would love to see these results. Once they are displayed here we could make sure a larger viewing public can get to see them also so that you don't feel there is any baised here. There are several other much bigger forums with many experienced posters on where your results can be shown also to get a broader opinion on Rogers work. The opinionon Rogers work is global not just on this forum. dazzauk, captainforehead, hair4day, haggis, chrome, amongst many others had a surgery with Rogers then travelled after to get sorted properly...and thats only the ones we know about. Look forward to the pictures.
  5. Anyone read this over on hairsite . Its very hard to read as the forum has a weird way of displaying the posts but this is what i could make of it Basically a Rahal patient came on complaining about his results and non-existent after care and then another came on with pics showing how his Rahal transplant caused permanent shock loss of the rest of his hair .It was mentioned later that he had already had one HT somewhere else and he just wanted it thickening up but instead ended up losing loads of hair so that the after pics look more like the before pics. This second victim has reported Rahal to the Canadian equivalent of the GMC. These guys have given their names and dates of surgeries to Rahal after the administrator of the forum asked them to in order to verify that they were for real and not another clinic just trying to put Rahal down. Both gave the info to Rahal's office and now Rahal is claiming he doesn't have any record of them... The one that has filed a complaint has been in touch with 3 other Rahal patients with similar stories. One has proof that his surgery was with Rahal and Rahal alone and has documentation with Rahal's signature on it , he hasn't posted it though but said he would scan and send it to anybody who didn't believe him Anyone else read it? http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss/forum_en...der=last_answer http://www.hairsite.com/hair-loss/forum_en...der=last_answer
  6. Tell that to belkin999 (Rogers), bennyblanco(Farjo), captain_forehead(Rogers), haggis(Rogers), jaym(Farjo), chrome(Rogers), dazzauk(Rogers), etc....... Out of interest how much do clinics pay to be a memeber on your coalition/recommended list Pat from HTN?
  7. Thank you for confirming. Is this the natural /random design you were going for? Do you feel the random 2 hair grafts on the hairline aid the natural thinner look ? Is this the kind of naturalness your patients can expect then? Also do you have post op pictures of your patient in the fisrt post to see where these 3 sessions went?. Thank you in advance!
  8. What are we being shown here exactly? Did you perform surgery on this guy if so maybe helpful to disclose no. of grafts, sessions, immedately post op pictures etc........ What are we being shown here? Also Dr Rogers whilst you are here any comments on Captain Foreheads pictures after 8 months post op FUE with you..?
  9. I think the frustration lies with the fact everyone goes on about Rogers being the best in the UK. Well that might be the case but the problem here is the best in the UK is still not good at all.. see what i mean. We have no Rogers pictures to back up the best in the UK claims on the contrary even after numerous requests from a year ago.., the pictures we do have to look at of his work are poor. The patient himself here chose not to go back but to travel...does that not tell you something... I have never seen a top surgeons HT pics look that poor at 8 months so we must assume its been a failure ..no? Poor angles, harldy any growth, 2 hair grafts on the hairline... Would you be happy with that at 8 months?? There isn't a great deal there to mature and thicken up is there?! ANY comments Dr Rogers??
  10. I have not seen one Feller, HW, Wolf, Cole patient with such poor, unnatural growth at 8 months, have you reyno? Can you show me one? Captain Forehead mentioned 2 hair grafts on his hairline...is this acceptable in your book? I have seen many comments about expect more maturing after 8 months. This is true from everything i have read especially from one of the top doc's and it happens on all accounts. The difference is that at 8 months non of the top doc's work looks anything like this!!!There is much more growth and its much more natural, would you not agree?? Can you show me a top doc picture that is similar to this at 8 months??
  11. The HT you have received by Rogers is not good in my opinion
  12. This is definately top class work. Spex how far in advance is Feller booked up? I will email you actually to discuss things
  13. Any updates on this result? I know its still early but any feedback would be helpful
  14. Your hair does look very good. I don't think you have anything to worry about anyone knowing anything. Recent pictures like yours really are moving Feller into first place for me. Thanks for sharing the pictures and please shar and new hair cut ones
  15. Belkin999 http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...wtopic=2543&hl=
  16. HOPE


    I think Rogers was asked over a year ago to start showing actual pictures, .. a year ago! He made some BS excuse at the time about non of his patients wishing to show their pictures. A very lame excuse especially with the use of cropping/Photoshop. I think he has shown us 1 or maybe even 2 results during that time, neither any good!! Since then a couple of his patients have shown their pictures, again not very good and very poor quality pictures. A fine example of Rogers recent work is captain forehead. There was also another guy complaing that at 6 months he had no growth from Rogers No wonder non of his patients have the balls to come onto the forums and show off their results, think about it! Its embarassing enough to know you made a mistake nevermind have 100's of forum posts tel you also! I appreciate Haggis had an unfortunate couple of surgeries with Rogers but that was a few years ago. The very concerning fact is that Rogers work today is still obviously not very good. After many many request for pictures from Rogers we get NONE but NOW we get an eyebrow picture. Very useful to us all after all the eyebrow requests hey?! It's obvious to me if noone else what Rogers should stick to. Eyebrow pics seem to be his most successful work as its obvious he can't perform standard hair transplants, NOT to the standard they should be performed at anyway
  17. Dr Rogers any comment on this patient of yours ?? http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=2654
  18. I have consulted with a few of the top clinics and Feller is on my very short list. From the various work i have seen and numerous testimonies you are in very safe hands.
  19. I personally wouldn't be bragging about Francis Rossi whoever did it. Its CR@P! I have seen him in person close up and it's an obvious HT!
  20. Good point there Daz This only confirms my opinion also on the UK's leading hair transplant surgeon Look at these pictures of hairroot Dr Fellers FUE patient at only 5 1/2 months A picture paints a thousand words! Belkiin99, i too have received poor work previously, not by Rogers but by NHI. It is sad to be the recipient of poor yield and this is predominately down to the surgeon who needs to be held responsible. They will duck and dive to avoid responsibility though and blame it on you the patient Whatever you do i would not return to him as you can't buy donor hair. Look into travelling abroad to have your situation rectified. All the very best!
  21. HOPE

    New User

    Welcome aboard and also very sorry to hear about your UK experience I am sure Feller will sort you out as he has done for many guys.
  22. Hilarious what else do you think a UK clinic rep is going to say to you. Does that clinic happen to have even 1 happy patient posting on any forum??????? Any clinic rep that saID this should be out of a job and the industry!! Disgusting!!! People post on all the forums good and bad..are they all paid!! . This person needs exposing big time. If he is not a Dr then what is the problem. Why doesn't this clinic rep present his work on the various forums of all his satisfied UK patients to back up his comments ???
  23. Shaft i think this recent session with Dr Feller is going to be the end of your hairloss/ unsatisfactory previous surgeries. The design looks very good and he has used good numbers to recreate a new look completely. Commendable Dr Feller posting Shafts pictures
  24. This looks like a very nice result. Very well documented also. Thanks for sharing!
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