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  1. The foam is great, I appear to be responding well within 3 months.
  2. Ah OK, I wondered when i read someone saying they were using Nizoral 1%, thanks guys, this stuff say's it's 20mg/g of Ketoconazole, I'm going to cross my fingers and try introducing it into my regime starting from next week.
  3. I just went out to buy some Nizorelle and discovered that Lloyds pharmacy stocks Nizoral too, I was pleasantly suprised as I hadn't seen it in the other chemists I'd visited so decided to buy some. As it'll be my first time using it my question is.. do those of you that use it follow the instructions in the leaflet or use it a bit more for hairloss purposes? Also.. should I wait until after the weekend before I start using it as I am going to a wedding and will be very concious of my hair anyway, shedding more than is necesary before then would be frustrating to say the least.. What were your experiences using it for the first time?
  4. From Dr Ashcroft (Spexs G.P) it costs £120 for 15 months Proscar so I guess it works out at around £8 a month I think.. my maths were never too good. I've only been taking it for a month now therefore have not experienced any positive or negative effects personally. Many people swear by it but I wouldn't expect any miracles, it may just slow your hairloss down.
  5. Hi, There's very little you can do except slow or stabilize the hairloss in my experience, you would do this by going down the medication route, Propecia and Proscar are both popular and the latter isn't too expensive if you get it from the right place. There are several post on this subject that you'd find very useful.
  6. My hair has finally got to the stage where I am noticably balding, some of it may be shedding from the Proscar that I've been taking for the last month but that could just be wishful thinking. Anyway.. I'm at a crossroads where I either shave it off once and for all or enter the realms of hair concealers and cover ups, I should just shave it off really but part of me thinks that I may get a little more time out of my hair with the right product. I've read many peoples opinions and experiences but still feel undecided as to what would suit me personally as I don't know if my hair is even long enough for a concealer to be effective. I have attached a picture for those of you that have any experience in this area, I would be very grateful for any advice.
  7. The womens' stuff is available in dozens of different shades. I always feel like a perv buying it and pretend to be looking at shampoos or toothpaste until nobody else in on the same isle then quickly throw it into my shopping basket and cover it up with other items Hehe.. I will look out for this stuff, I may even be able to get away with a manly black. Thanks for that.
  8. Been thinking about dying my hair, partly to hide my grey hairs but also because it makes my hair look a bit thicker, last time I did it though I'm sure I shed lots afterwards.. Do any of you guys do this? If so.. is the dye bad for the hair? What dye do you use? Thanks.
  9. Yes I watched it too, his HT does indeed look like it's on its last legs.. Jason Donovan definately has more hair now than he did 4-5 years ago too.
  10. I'm considering trying Toppik for my sisters wedding as there will be lots of family photographs being taken and the whole front of my hair is starting to look very thin.. especially the fringe. I haven't seen many of them for a long time so am not too worried about being questioned but was wondering how effective it is on the hairline? How long does it stay on for? Will it withstand excessive sweating? I've tried finding before and after pics online but haven't felt that any of them resembled my hair enough for me to get an idea plus I'm not sure if the pics on their site are genuine, I still don't fully understand how it works maybe.. My hair is currently shaved to a number 3-4, will this make it more effective or less? Thanks for any help in advance.
  11. My free sample never arrived.. Looks like I'll just have try one of tried and tested brands like Toppik sometime in the future.
  12. It is looking great, you must be very pleased.
  13. New hair grew within 2 months? I thought that thickening products just thickened existing hair?
  14. From what I have been led to believe.. Proscar is exactly the same drug as Propecia, made by the same company, the only difference is that one is 5mg and the other 1mg. I would suggest that if one of them is having no positive effect then neither will the other.
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