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  1. It was on channel five news yesterday about hair transplants...he had it done at Harley Street Clinic There was one lad also on the news report who had some FUE on his hairline...it looked really good to be fair!
  2. Hair loss is an addition to my depression, unfortunately other issues too
  3. If I had the money and the non depressive feelings I would
  4. I am currently on Proscar for my hair and I am also about to go onto anti-depression pills...will these in any away affect the Proscar? Regards
  5. Just wish to post a topic, here, to say a big thankyou to Spex. For 5 months now I have been on Procepia, and not knowing what to expect after the five months and being new to this I thought I would ask Spex to meet me. After meeting him he has told me many things....and which are from his personal experience.....I cant believe how real is hair is! If anyone is down in the dumps....or cant see any light at the end of the tunnel...or just wants to be educated on hair loss and treatments.......I would seriously recommend going to see Spex...... again Spex thanks.......
  6. ive been on it for 5months myself, as of October 26th, the area near my crown seems slightly thicker. However my hair at the front has got thinner, and I can only say what I feel looks a lot worse..... Currently: Proscar 1/5 every morning MSM 3 Tablets every morning Nizarol Shampoo every Monday and Thursday
  7. Monday and a Thursday for me...
  8. just try and bite into five mate.....you seem to get the nac after a few goes...
  9. agree with jay jay...my doctor said there was nothing I could do and would have to accept the fact I was going bald!!!
  10. second that one...24 and a receeding hairline....my dads dad and mothers dad both had full set of hair........doh......I must be the milkmans too!
  11. Can anyone recommend, either by experience or a suggestion a Zinc supplement to take daily? I believe Zinc is good for hair? Regards
  12. for all those that take MSM. http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/pro...2&np=1&cpid=222
  13. same here, been on Proscar since May 25th of this year....and im horny as ever
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