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  1. Hi People, Not posted in a while ive been reading that shampoos that have sodium laureth sulphate in them can accelerate hair loss so i decided to do some research. I found Revita on the net and purchased a bottle as this deosnt have this in it. This seems to have the same ingredients as Nizoral. Does anyone know how good this stuff is i dont want to use it too much? it says on the bottle to use fives times a week im parnoid with this stuff dont even know if what im using is safe. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Scotty
  2. Guys, I used to watch everything i ate to prolong my hair but i felt its was runing my life and making me obsessive. Does anyone know if eating chocolate etc would cause hairloss to accelerate? Scotty
  3. Hey people, My hairdresser advised me to cinsider using NIOXIN as some of her clients use it. Has anyone used this at all, i have heard it helps with hairloss? Thanks Scotty
  4. Ive been going to the gym and have been looking into using creatine. My big concern is obviously hairloss, does anyne know of this causing hairloss or does it make hair grw???? Please reply Scotty
  5. Guys, My hairline has started to go further back with just a little of my original hairline staying. Is there anything that you an recommend for this, I tried minoxidil but it made my scalp inflammed and aggrivated my psoriasis. Any recommendations???? PLEASE HELP. PS - I have been taking proscar from Dr Ashcroft for 2 and half yrs now.
  6. No havent tired revita is that any good??? I saw also on the TOPPIK website that there was a shampoo and conditioner mentioning keartin to help with hair loss not sure whether to buy it. Has anyone heard of this???
  7. Hi People, Not posted for a while on here been on Proscar for about 3 and a half year now starting to recede more. I bought the shampoo and tonic called ACTIVM anyone know if this is any good not sure of starting it if its gonna have negative effects????
  8. Just reading through this again has anyone had any experience lately of sheeding or accelerated hairloss usiing ALPECIN, thinking of buying it but im paranoid of it having a negative effect???? Is it better to use this or NIZORAL??? Cheers Scotty
  9. Yes I've seen the same claim, but I doubt most people drink enough to actually accelerate the balding process. The bottom line is that if you are genetically pre-destined to go bald, you'll go bald; if you aren't genetically pre-destined to go bald, you won't. I found this general info about coffee and health: http://www.cosic.org/questions-and-answers What about shedding with this shampoo??? im tempted to use it but i dont want ny loss getting worse far quicker
  10. What about caffeine in our diets im sure ive read somewhere that this is bad for our hair?? Just been reading throuhg some of the previous posts about this shampoo, has anyone tried it and what resuts did you get???? I have read that it only causes shedding has anyone had this problem? Please reply Thanks
  11. What about caffeine in our diets im sure ive read somewhere that this is bad for our hair??
  12. Hi guys, What do you make of this shampoo, do you think it is a scam??? Im unsure whther caffeine can help the hairloss? Also can caffeine in your diet cause hairloss? Please reply
  13. The proscar I have been using is form Dr Ashcroft, I take a quarter tab 4 days then one day without. I have just recently started going to the gym and doing weights, I have just started to tkae Whey protein shakes to help me put on some weight and muscle im now panicking that this could be the cause. I read something about Glutamine causing hairloss yet on ohter websites the protein shakes are full of good nutrients and can only be a benfefit. Also weight lifting increases testosterone. I feel as if i am watching everything i do ie no fatty foods now, less alcohol, less maturbation (sex)......I just feel any of these things could be making my hair worse its like im losing my mind. what do you think about doing exercise and taking protein shakes????? ps I would never go near steriods or anything with creatine in them
  14. Folks, I had posted something similar before and I have been looking through the net conitnuosly at articles on Proscar( finasteride). I dont know about you guys but I have been on the meds for 2 yrs and my hairline is way back now, i used to have a little receding at the temples but now its far far worse. I have lost so much hair sonce being on them and I really wonder if they do anything at all if not actually make your hair worse ie all you do is hsed and the hair doesnt come back?? If I had to stop will this cause more loss I feel i have put myself in a situtation where I am stuck???
  15. Hi everyone, I have heard that Toppik can actually make you hair loss worse by blocking the pores is this true????? Does anyone know of a better concealer where it prevents the scalp pores being blocked etc, i have noticed my hairloss has got worse, i have read about Couvre but dont know anyone who has used it?
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