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    Getting my hair sorted!
  1. There seems to be a problem with the link.
  2. Hi BW Yeah no probs, there is a problem with the PM here, you can send me a message if you are a member at PB's Forum <------- Click! I been there with the kids, a lot of work lol, but its all worthwhile. All the best mate. Lucky
  3. Feckin Awesome Man !!!!! Has anyone asked you why you look so different?
  4. Lucky


    I'm so happy it all worked out for badhair, well done pal!
  5. Thinhair, Hang on and be patient, the first few months are terrifying, I was worried about poor growth etc, at 3+ months I looked like shite, and did so till at least 6-7 months post op, I fully understand why you are panicing but be assured that things will improve, and if things dont work out I am sure Dr Feller will help you as much as he can, BadhairUK is a prime example and his situation was far worse than you and I and look at him now. Lucky
  6. Hey Tim, Thanks for asking how its going. I know what you mean about the doldrums... and it is worth it in the end.. even tho it seems like a lifetime. I did update on 7th June but it was in Spex's thread... Here was my last update on the 7th June... http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=3608 I can update u now as well for you as I took a few pics 2 days ago... this was because I have caught some sun and my hair is going lighter shade of blonde now...and I was recording how its getting lighter now its out from under a cap (I cant even remember how many months I am now... eerrrm... just thinking... about 8 months now) These were taken on 8th July 08... That last pic was special....as just by coincidence... it had my NY t-shirt I bought when I was there in the back ground... bit of memorabilia from my trip Thanks and hang in there mate.. the best is yet to come BTW.... Its my birthday in 2 days on Saturday 12th.... I'm 36!! yeh... 36! dam... time to catch up on lost time from hiding away. But the funny thing is...I now look better than I ever did through the whole of my 20's! (well my hair does i mean) F**k me BH, your hair looks awesome, you have the best repair I have ever seen, it looks so natural, I am really happy for you pal (and sorry for keeping repeating myself) Lucky! PS we should switch names lolol!
  7. Lucky

    Spex Update

    Looks great spex Are you still taking fin? All the best Lucky
  8. Lucky


    Hey has anyone heard from Shaft? He was a nice guy who had multiple HT's in the UK and then went to Dr Feller last year, would be nice to see how his result turned out. Here are some of his topics: Previous Experiences His HT with Dr Feller I would send him a message but the PM function has been disabled for some reason
  9. Wow! did he use your nape hair as your donor?
  10. looking at your 1st result from feller you should fill in nicely in the next few months, glad its coming together for you saf, all the best mate!
  11. Hi Sagg! You look miles better even pre 2nd op, well done mate! All the best!
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