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  1. Thats ok jaym. Before my HT I had all kinds of questions myself. Good luck!
  2. Thats ok no offense taken! I dont blame you for wanting to know all the ins and outs and to want utter disclosure on the all important sensetive matter of hairloss to allow people the most well informed decision. Im sorry to hear you had un-convincing HT on your front and I hope your future hair experiences are better. Personally I cannot say that the crown has any less hair although to you it appears so, in all the pictures I think its pretty much the same while varying factors such as light and how strong the wind is blowing my hair in whatever direction makes it appear as though I have more and less in a random order not really pertaining to it getting less over time. Thats why in some cases it looks like I have bizarrely actually grown more hair on my crown which is obviously not the case. So for example if you look at the photos on my post of the Nov 15 2006 and Jan 17 2007 it looks like I have more hair on my crown then than I did previously going by the photos on the Oct 5 2006 post. As it is personally I do not feel at the stage where I would want HT on my crown yet, although when I feel that is needed I will of course be using Dr. Bisanga again. Hairloss treatment is really a long term consideration as I'm sure many are aware and is best looked at like this in order to get the best results. You are right that I may have lost more hair by now on the crown as naturally people do but personally I dont find it significant enough to be noticable to the naked eye yet so my honest answer to whether I have lost more hair on my crown would have to be "I dont really know!". There is also an explanation on the 1st post of mine on the last paragraph about the situation of my crown. On the 6th pic from Jan the 17th I did say above that "there is a kind of dark shadowy bit" because it is actually just a kind of dark shadowy bit. As you can see from the picture there is a lot of sun light coming from my right, the dark shodowy bit is simply where less light is getting into the gap past the hair that covers the scar. In another angle and light you would probably barely notice it. So no I didnt use dermatch. I feel that all my pictures are pretty raw and honest as most of them are in daylight which is not the most flattering as daylight reveals much more than indoor lighting. Perhaps thats why I blocked my face in the last daylight ones as it makes me look like a bit of a minger, lol. Thanks Im very happy with the frontal hair line and good luck to you too!
  3. Thanks shaft, I am very happy. The reason I blocked my face in the outside ones is because the sun was in my eyes and I squint making me look really bitchy and pretty ugly. The other pics I didnt block cos I look more ok on them.
  4. Hello again everyone. The weather certainly has improved over the last week or 2! Heres an 8 months update of my progress. The pictures where all taken on the 16th march 2007. I had it highlighted blonde on the top and grade2d about 2 weeks prior to this post. The pictures with the white box on my face and the rear shot where all taken in daylight, while the other 2 where taken with indoor lighting.
  5. Hello, its going swimmingly for me! Here are some pictures at 7 months post op. At 7 months I am really happy with the result, even if it didnt improve any more from this point I would still be really happy. I know that many, maybe most people still experience more growth and maturing of the hair....so I just look forward to it improving even more. In areas of the back and sides of my head in the scar pics the hair is at a length of 1 month post grade 2 cut. I also included some interesting pictures where the recipient area is wet.
  6. Ah yes the scalp PB, it was there before the operation. I did actually ask for the scalp to be done but Phill advised me not to seeing as it is not bald enough yet to justify HT or else risk a halo effect when future post-op balding ensues, if Phil just wanted my money he would have been more likely to agree with my wish to have the scalp done also. I think I originally covered the subject of the scalp on my very first post on this thread. In highnsight as well I think it was the right choice, my scalp is not quite there yet for HT.
  7. Hello again everyone, I hope you all had a good Christmas. Here are some more photos as of 17thJan2007. It is now 6 months and 4 days post op. They are taken straight after a haircut with a grade 2 as promised, I had Grade 2 back and sides and trimmed a bit on the top. Im quite happy with the side view as the scar which goes right up to the back of the ears is not noticable whatsoever, the rear view of the scar I like too although there is a kind of dark shadowy bit, generally however in everyday life its un-noticable.
  8. why not show us a picture of the grade 2# cut..................... suppose your going to tell us you didn't have your camera then or was the camera broken Your right helpme. It would have been better if I had taken the photos straight after it was grade 2'd. The reason I have not taken them is because I take the pictures around about the same time every month to give a documentary, unfortunatly when I really wanted a hair cut it did not fall on the same time. However you now have my 100% garuantee that I will take the next set of pictures straight after it has been grade 2'd or maybe even grade 1'd possibly (Would be interesting to me to see what that would look like while it would grow back anyway!). You have my word on that. and yes PB, it is now 5 months and 10 days post op.
  9. OK so here are some more photos as of the 22 dec 2006. That last 3 show the HT in the context of the whole head/face. The shot of the back of my head shows no scar and I was grade 2 cut about 2-3 weeks before the photos were taken. 1st 3 in daylight, last 3 in room lighting,
  10. Not really, people only really noticed when I brought it to their attention. With a hat on for the first couple of months of course it wouldnt be noticable anyway. Shaving it down is a good idea, only shave it post op when you know its safe to do so.
  11. Good to see what Dr B and 12 months can achieve, very impressive indeed! No longer is the phrase 'A Cure for baldness' a jokey line made for amusement now that its true!!!
  12. Yes I did once think about that. Its a good idea seeing as it would make the whole lot equal length. However personally for me as it is now its descreet enough for no body to notice and I prefer it this length anyway. It was only roughly the 1st 1-2 months that I decided to wear a hat out.
  13. Yes Im impressed also. It looks good now yet its only around 4 months which is still early days yet. However there gets a point where one does not look in the mirror so often. I have no problems whatsoever, just get on with my life while it grows!
  14. Here are some photos as of 15Nov2006. 4 months and 1 week post op (17 weeks)
  15. With regards to the Jagged hairline issue. Just push up the frontal hair of someone with hair (like your GF or mum) youll notice the hairline is infact jagged not straight in a way that the hairs peter out the closer you get to the forehead. I think if the hairline was made in a neat straight line it would look un-natural a bit like how one can detect a toupee when noticing the sudden immediate change of contrast from hairs to no hairs over the neat straight line of where the toupee ends. A good HT doc will give you a descreet jagged hairline for a natural look!
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