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  1. WOW! ... iv pulled my hair since i was a young child and i was doing it while i was browsing around this site and found this!! Since i started university & work its become really bad! Sometimes i don't relies that im doing it!.. my bedroom floor it wooden and every time i open and close my door there is hair that iv pulled out floating around!.. altho it's not helping my male pattern balding one bit!, Im on 1mg proscar and using rogaine foam! been using them for 3 months now. Id like to try this new drug! ... is it available in the UK yet? cheers
  2. http://www.hairpharmacy.co.uk/product_finpecia.html As im running low on proscar i thought id look for some where cheaper then Dr.Ashcroft. Has anyone used the above site? can it be trusted?
  3. I paid £120 for 4 boxes about 2 years ago from him
  4. hey bigmac its me .. 19/m/northeast .. didn't relies i had another account on here! Cheers for the site i am not 19 by the way people cheers tim i will check that out Found the item but when i go to buy it .. it takes me to the paypal site https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr
  5. Hey Guys, I am wanting to buy some more Rogaine Foam but every site i go to i have to pay through paypal for the item. Long story short with paypal .. blocked from it because i didn't relies i had payments to pay and left it for months .. had no contact from paypal regarding the payments. Does anyone know where to buy it from with out paying through paypal? Cheers Simon.
  6. theres no point in PM'ing Dr Rogers he never gets back to you! iv PM'd him a few times and got nothing back? come out come out where ever you are . . .
  7. Answer to Comb-over's question's I'm 20 and first started to notice my hairline receding at 16. My GP said it was stress? My hair at the moment is very thin at the frontal area and thick at the back and sides. I have used Regain Extra Strength but hated it as it made my hair greasy and could style it. I am currently using Nanogen Dark Brown it's okay as a quick fix but wont help me in the long run. I'd like to say that i haven't just been researching just 2 night! I have been very interested in this procedure for over 2 years now. In the early stages of researching i was in college and couldn't dream of getting any think like this done. The first time i heard about HT's was on "Nobel Clinic's" website and they had very eye catching prices but recently found out on here! that they were butchers and salesmen.
  8. ops! sorry lol First i looked around his site http://www.rogersclinic.co.uk and read all the bits n bobs on there also watched the patient video too. Then i searched his name on here and found lots of evidence including his patients photos ,story's and also updates. heres one i liked http://stophairlossnow.ipbhost.com/index.p...wtopic=1713&hl= I Google'd him too but didn't find much. Dr Rogers would be the only HT Surgeon i would go to within the UK because the rest are butchers/salesmen so i have head on here? I hope this has helped you *hairroot* most of you have porb done the same thing or more.
  9. *hairroot* Yes totally! thats if i get a consultation and procedure date I will make dairys, testimonials, pics ect...
  10. Hey thanks everyone Iv done my research and ready to roll! just need to make the call to Dr Rogers
  11. I saw that ad too it looked soo cheap n nasty!
  12. Cheers for your response, I have done a search on here but sadly i didn't find any information about his finance service. I am trying to find this because i only have half the money for the amount of grafts i want just wish Dr Rogers would get back to me some time soon! been checking my mail on here about 3 times a day lol
  13. Hi i'm Simon and would like to know some things about Dr Rogers and his work. Is he the best in the UK?, and if i did choose him would it be cheaper to get a personal loan or use his finance service? i emailed him several times from his site and 2 times on this site and not heard any think for nearly a month now? Thanks to anybody who responds to this.
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