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  1. thanks spex But what the difference between the 2% and the 5%?
  2. Hi guys, advice needed please.............. I have been on Proscar for 6 months and at the same time been using Nizoral. I haven't seen any significant change at the moment, but saying that I have not lost hope. I am thinking of giving Regaine a go, I have heard so much about it. Which one is advisible to try the 2% or 5% from boots? Thanks Guy's Sam
  3. guys what about washing,applying gel and using concealers. Does minox react with that?
  4. I have been taken propecia for over 5 months along with MSM and washing my hair with Nizoral. I can't see any changes..................... Any advice guys?????????????thanks
  5. Which one is better..................?
  6. Guys whats this Dutasteride? Specs?
  7. hi guy's I have noticed that aswell...........
  8. Hey guys, I met specs today. I must that his results are amazing, one cannot tell that he has had any form of transplant. I am definately considering a transplant with Dr Feller. Thanks Specs your a top bloke. From Sam (the bud guy)
  9. Sam

    Hair Systems

    Hi Scott! You sound very happy with your system, good for you mate! If you don't mind can you tell how much the hair system cost? and how often do have to go back and get it groomed? also at what cost? thanks bud
  10. hi guys's does any one have info these so called Hair systems? I heard they are not like wigs and look very natural? Thanks
  11. Hi guys has any1 used Nanogaine yet? If so what are the results like?
  12. hey Joe I checked out that Link you sent...........It does seem quite frightening. I have just started Proscar/propecia and I am very worried also after reading that . But I am going to try the stuff for a month aleast b4 making any judgements........
  13. So Specs who or where would you honestly say is the best place to get a HT in London from?
  14. cheers Specs I'll have a beer on you tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O h by the way when you back down to London?
  15. Hey guys, I have just started Proscar. (thanks Specs for putting me intouch with a sound GP) Just wanted to know is it OK to drink alcohol when taking Proscar/Propecia? Thanks
  16. hey guy's we need to know? I guess all the guy's on the forum would agree we would rather be bold than limp (have a softy) all our lives! Can someone tell the facts please? Thanks
  17. hey cworld what's this? Does proscar make the dick soft in the long run? Tell us we need to know?
  18. hi guys, now this MSM tab's. I went to Holland and Barrett to buy some and I asked whether they were good for Hair and the answer I got was they have no affect on hair? Mainly skin and joints! Whats so good about them? thanks
  19. damo where do you get your proscar from?
  20. I agree nanogen is good. But can it be used together with Regaine? Because it must get a bit tricky apply Regaine while the nanogen is in the hair?
  21. hi guys! I went to buy Nizoral from boots however there were 3/4 different types of Nizoral shampoo's. I looked out for the 2% bottle, but none had 2% written on them? Got a bit confused.......So I bought the Pinky/Reddish label one. It's 60ml bottle, is that the correct one? Also how do I know it is which one is 1% or 2% because it's not on the box or bottle? thanks Sam
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