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  1. Hi every one. I just had a consultation with a Trichologist at ********* centre clinic in London. I was told I am not a good candidate for hair transplant because I had lost a lot of hair and suggested me to go for their non surgical treatment. So is it true that some people are not good candidates for hair transplant. This has put some doubt in my mind about all the advice I got from other clinics. I am going to meet Dr. Armani from AlviArmani clinic in London on the 14th, so it would be nice to hear from some one neutral about this. Thanks Ravi
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    Hi specs Thanks for the reply The only reason I specified London, is because I expected the best clinics to be here then in any part of england. The AlviArmani seminar that I was supposed to attend was postponed to next month, which was really disappointing because I really wanted meet a reputed surgeon and get some sincere answers to my queries. so what do you think i should do or where should i be looking ravi
  3. Hi every body Can some one please help me find a good hair clinic in London? I have visited a lot of clinics in London, but can’t make up my mind. So if any has any suggestion, please get back to me. And have any one had treatment at the Alvi Armani clinic thanks ravi
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